Classical Voice 6 (MUSC 3230)

This course is related to working with individual instrumental and vocal instruction as well as individual lessons in composition at the third year level. Instrumental and vocal lessons focus on learning new repertoire, interpretation, stylistic nuance, and honing finer points of performance practice. At the end of each term, the student must perform a jury exam of 30 minutes in duration during the regularly scheduled jury period. No more than ten minutes of the jury performance may feature the student in an ensemble setting (chamber music, combo, duo, etc.) rather than as a soloist. The jury consists of prepared performance pieces representative of the genre and repertoire of the performer's area of specialization. The pieces may include improvisations on jazz, creative music, traditional and new music forms.
Course code: MUSC 3230
Credits: 3.0
Length: 0.0 hours
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Performance Techniques 6.

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