Performance Concentration 8 (MUSC 4309)

A continuation of Performance Concentration 7. Lessons focus on preparing the degree student for their graduation recital. Students prepare a recital to include a minimum of 60 minutes (maximum 90 minutes) of music. Students are encouraged to perform in chamber music or other small group settings but a substantial portion of the performance (80% or more) must feature the recital student as a soloist. Composers are also required to present a 60 minute minimum (90 minutes maximum) program of their compositions and are responsible for the organization of performers and other technical requirements. All recital repertoire must be approved by the private instructor at least six weeks in advance of the scheduled recital. Students are encouraged to use Performance Techniques 7 to test out new repertoire and fine tune upcoming recital performances. Prerequisite: Performance Concentration 7 Corequisite: Performance Techniques 8 .
Course code: MUSC 4309
Credits: 3.0
Length: 0.0 hours
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