Preceptorship (OPTC 2450)

The preceptorship concludes the program and facilitates the transition from student to graduate. The student will be partnered with an Optician, Optometrist or Ophthalmologist who will assist the student to gradually assume responsibility for entry-level Optician practice. Preceptorship students will have the opportunity to further integrate theory and skills in preparation for entry to practice. Students will have the opportunity to expand their confidence, competency and techniques in a supervised setting. The course builds on the experiential opportunities in OPTC 1250 Consolidate Practice Experience: Eyeglasses and OPTC 2350 Consolidated Practice Experience: Contact Lens.
Course code: OPTC 2450
Credits: 5.5
Length: 144.0 hours
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OPTC 1250, OPTC 2350.

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