Guided Design Exploration (VCDP 1292)

Being able to independently and proactively engage in design exploration is a great asset to every designer, and this course gives first-year students the opportunity to freely explore various design-related topics through self-selected projects. The self-selected projects are intended to help students develop their skills in independent thinking and time management as they select and plan their own work. Students will also expand their skills in teamwork and communication by completing at least one collaborative project during the course. In selecting projects, students will be asked to consider how their selections will help build skills and knowledge needed to launch a successful design career after graduation - for example, by gaining skill in an area of specialization, bolstering an area of weakness, or creating unique work for a portfolio. The course will include mentorship from an instructor who will check in with each student personally each class and will also lead learning activities related to creative thinking, personal and project management, professional development, and communication.
Course code: VCDP 1292
Credits: 3.0
Length: 54.0 hours
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