Studio: Special Topics (VCDP 2455)

In this studio course, students will work collaboratively on various graphic design projects for real-world clients. Under the mentorship of an instructor, students will meet with a client to determine project scope and will then create a project plan to coordinate the roles of each team member and define milestones and deadlines. Students will then work together to research, design, and complete their projects, including presenting their work to their clients. Alongside this client work, students will also work on diverse instructor-led projects at the cutting edge of new design trends and techniques. Topics will be selected based on the current design landscape and the needs of the design industry and may include new technologies, digital illustration, animation, web design and development, video, social media, advertising, and more.
Course code: VCDP 2455
Credits: 5.0
Length: 108.0 hours
Course outline: view


Completion of 67 credits of VCDP 1000- and/or 2000-level courses, or department permission.

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