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VCC Hospitality Management Diploma program learning experience

Posted on February 10, 2022

Alyssa Erline, a 2nd-year student of Hospitality Management Diploma, is sharing her inspirations for her time studying at VCC.
Do you have a morning routine to get inspired before starting your classes?
I can say that I am not a morning person but if I have early classes (between 8-9 AM), I set the alarm 1 hour before the class starts. I eat breakfast and look at my planner to review what I needed to do on that day. I make sure that everything is organized in my workspace and have my notebook ready to take notes during classes.
Where is your favorite place in Vancouver?
It is a little hard to pick just one favorite place in Vancouver because Vancouver is a great city and has good places to visit. I would say the Vancouver Public (Central) Library is one of my favorite places. I feel relaxed and focused when studying there. It is the biggest library that I have been to. The best part of it is the top floor where you can see the great view of the city.
Why did you choose to study Hospitality Management? What is the best part of your day during classes?
I fell in love with Hospitality Industry when I took a Bachelor’s degree of Hospitality back in my home country. I want to broaden my knowledge and skills in this industry that’s why I decided to study Hospitality Management Diploma in VCC. For me, Hospitality is unique, creative and flexible.

I am in term 3 now, so I have some classes on campus and some online. My best part is when we go to school and do cooking classes in Food Production Principles. We have the chance to get creative in our dishes. Meeting and interacting with the instructor and my classmates are one of my favorites during classes too.
What do you like most about studying at VCC so far? 
Studying at VCC makes you feel challenged and committed to the program. Instructors train the students on what it's like to be in the real world so that if we face consequences or problems on the way, or after we graduate, we already know how to deal with it.
What inspires you at VCC?
My instructors (from term 1 until now) and the Hospitality Department team are willing to help us and support us,  which inspires me at school. They are always there for us especially if we are struggling. I am also lucky that most of my classmates are friendly and very helpful as well.

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