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VCC alumni students share their successful career stories

Posted on August 25, 2020

Our alumni student Kayla from Jewellery Art and Design Diploma


After graduating from VCC's Jewellery Art and Design Diploma, Kayla Guo has worked hard to establish herself as a jewellery designer, build connections with clients and colleagues, and accumulate an impressive array of design experiences.

Kayla's journey in the jewellery design industry started at Artina’s Jewellery shop, where she learned extensively about handcrafted jewellery from over a hundred of some of Canada’s most acclaimed artists. Kayla particularly enjoyed discovering the stories about the pieces crafted by indigenous West Coast carvers. While working at Artina’s, Kayla picked up a second job at MJ Jewellers, a prestigious and well-regarded custom design jewellery store specializing in high-end handmade jewellery for over 30 years. It was at MJ Jewellers that Kayla was able to really start exploring her creativity and fulfilling her dream of becoming a jewellery designer. She soon moved into a full-time position at MJ Jewellers, and is still working there today.

Kayla works with goldsmiths, stone setters, and suppliers, but finds it most rewarding to work closely with clients to bring their design ideas to life. Over the past two years, Kayla has been responsible for some truly inspirational jewellery designs, including: a 20 Karat sapphire bangle appraised at approximately $250,000; a unique moonstone, sapphire, and diamond pendant in the shape of a jellyfish; a redesigned frame for a heritage shell cameo. It is, however, the sentimental designs that resonate with Kayla the most. Kayla will never forget the experience of designing a heart-shaped pendant for a client whose son had past away.

Kayla looks forward to continuing on her career path as a jewellery designer and touching the lives of many more people along the way.

Learn more about the program

For more information about the Jewellery Art and Design Diploma program, attend a VCC program information session, or speak with a VCC International Student Advisor.

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B.C. restaurants waiting out worker shortage

Posted on April 27, 2016


The heat is rising for B.C. restaurant owners, as they brace for the busy tourist season while scrambling to overcome a shortage of cooks and kitchen staff.

The shortage comes from an increase in the number of new restaurants, a lack of new staff to replace retiring baby boomers, and changes to the federal government’s temporary foreign workers program that cut the pool of labour to restaurants, industry observers say.

“I need three cooks right away,” Kamal Mroke, owner of India Bistro on Vancouver’s Davie Street, said Monday.

Mroke said he is starting work around 9 a.m. and finishing as late as midnight, doing kitchen work he would normally hire someone to do. “I would like to be up front promoting my restaurant, but I cannot find a skilled worker like a chef, anybody, to work in the kitchen.”

Mroke has been in business for the past 12 years, but he said he’s never worked as hard.

“I’ll go back myself, start cooking in the kitchen,” he said. “My feet are hurting.”

He said fellow restaurateurs are all facing similar staff shortages, and he worries about how they will handle the summer tourist traffic.

B.C. Restaurant Association President Ian Torstenson said the problem exists throughout B.C., and is most acute in restaurant kitchens.

“With wait staff, you’ve got all the university students, and you can train them fast,” Tostenson said. “But the technical side in the kitchen is where the problem is. We’re just not getting enough interest from people wanting to get into the business.”

The good news for the industry is a healthy provincial economy that has new restaurants opening to meet new demand. Their number stood at about 11,000 province-wide in 2013, with 200 to 300 added to that number each year since then, Tostenson said.

“The boomers are retiring, so that’s creating vacancies,” he added, noting that not enough young Canadians have replaced them.

Changes to the federal government’s temporary foreign worker program made just over a year ago choked off another flexible supply of workers, Tostenson said.

“That just stopped any ability for restaurants to get labour they can’t supply in the domestic market,” he said. “So now you’re seeing in a lot of cases an exhausted industry.”

Tostenson said young people haven’t taken up the opportunity represented by the demand for skilled restaurant workers.

“I think people sort of forgot about it,” he said. “You are learning a technical trade, by working in the kitchen, that carries you well. It’s a very transportable skill as well — you can take that and go to France or Africa, whatever you want to do.”

At Vancouver Community College, whose downtown campus houses the largest culinary arts program in western Canada, students are themselves feeling the pressure, as they take on paid kitchen jobs even before they complete their training.

“We’re seeing a bit of that, definitely,” said instructor Tobias MacDonald. “It seems a week doesn’t go by that I don’t get a phone call from somebody in industry looking for cooks. There’s real demand for skilled labour.”

VCC trains would-be cooks in the classroom for two technical levels — the first taking seven months and the second taking four months. That training can also be done by apprentices employed in kitchens, who can work between two-days-a-week classroom sessions. The two-day-a-week training was instituted this year because restaurants didn’t want to lose apprentices for five full-time training weeks each year.


Continue reading the full story in the Vancouver Sun.


Are you an international student interested in VCC's industry-leading culinary arts training programs? Contact us by phone, email or visiting our office to get more details.

VCC prepares international students for employment in business and management.

Posted on August 11, 2020

CBMstudent_LatinPlazaintership with Joel

VCC Instructor Joel Rivera conducts regular site visits to students in their practicum placements.


VCC’s Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma provides international students with a solid foundation in business management and prepares them for employment in Canada. Students graduating from this program are equipped with the knowledge, skills and experience necessary to manage the human, physical and financial resources and complex strategic and practical management issues that are present in today’s business environment.

Practicum, where students put into practice what they learn in a “real world” setting, is an integral part of the Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma program. Students work closely with instructor and practicum coordinator, Joel Rivera, to explore career options, develop skills and professional networks, and enjoy their unique Canadian work experiences in different fields.

Joel has a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) designation, and has over 15 years of work experiences in key management and executive roles in hospitality and other fields in Vancouver. Joel has been assisting Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma students with courses preparing them for workplace practicum, including resume writing, online branding, interview techniques, and career navigation and guidance. Joel also works closely with partners to source and secure placements for students, in addition to liaising with host employers to ensure students get practicum opportunities that suit them the best. Many students graduate from the program with great employment or promotion opportunities, thanks to their dedication and hard work in the practicum and throughout the program.

Find out how Joel prepares students for employment in Canada, and take a look at some pictures where our students are enjoying their practicum placements here. Thank you Joel, for making Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma students’ dream to start a career in Canada come true!


Want to learn more about Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma at VCC? Attend an online VCC International Info Session, or book an appointment with an International Student Advisor via phone or Zoom.

Turn your enthusiasm for music into a career at VCC

Posted on August 5, 2020

Originally published on the Georgia Straight

Imagine getting paid to do something that you love. How exciting would it feel to work every day as a musician, music teacher, or composer?

At Vancouver Community College (VCC) students are given the opportunity to turn their passion for music into a successful career.

This fall, the music department at VCC will deliver programming through a mix of in-person and online learning via Zoom and Moodle. Due to COVID-19, VCC has had to temporarily modify the ensembles, masterclasses, and rehearsals that typically take place at the Broadway campus to ensure the safety of students.

“VCC Music is a uniquely broad program, deeply exploring many ways of making music across all genres, styles, and time periods,” says Laurence Mollerup, music department leader at VCC. The industry-leading department was created in 1975.

Potential students can hone their skills and learn about the industry through three different programs offered at VCC.

The Bachelor in Applied Music is a two-year program with training that includes: advanced compositional techniques, solo and ensemble performance craft, music history and theory, improvisation, ear-training, and other skills. Graduates from this full-time program will also gain great insights into developing repertoire, supporting their career goals, marketing, copyright law, conducting, and much more. Many VCC graduates have gone on to study at notable universities all over the world.

Anyone looking to launch their own career in music should seriously consider enrolling in VCC’s two-year Diploma in Music program. Students can specialize in any genre including jazz, rock, contemporary, classical, and electronic music. Within the full-time program, students will study rehearsal methods, composition, instrumental and vocal technique, self-promotion and marketing, solo and ensemble performance psychology, ethnomusicology, orchestration, and more.

“We offer real-world training with specialized classes led by highly credentialed, award-winning professional musicians, composers, conductors, scholars, and educators,” says Mollerup.


Hone your skills in the music genre of your choice. Learn about the music program by attending an information session online. 

Celebrate Pride Week 2020 online with the VCC community

Posted on July 27, 2020



A message from VCC president and CEO Ajay Patel

As Vancouver heads into a very different Pride Week this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, what does not change is the importance for all of us to reflect on the storied history of LGBTQIA2S+ rights in our communities, our country, and around the world.  

In Canada, Pride happens from coast to coast throughout the summer. From the smallest communities in B.C. to major cities like Vancouver, allies and activists stand with our LGBTQIA2S+ community together to create space for dialogue, solidarity, and advocacy. 

This summer, Pride in Vancouver will be without the annual parade, one of my favourite Vancouver events every year – so how do we celebrate? 

At VCC, while we may not be able to wave our LGBTQIA2S+ flags together in person, we recommit ourselves to our work of creating inclusive, equitable, and safe spaces for all our students and employees. I also want to express my personal appreciation and gratitude to the Positive Space committee at VCC. Thank you for your efforts at VCC and in our community.

Vancouver Pride Society also has a number of wonderful online and accessible events and activities planned, and we at VCC will be sharing an array of wonderful content on our social media channels during Pride Week. I encourage everyone at VCC and in our community to engage in your own safe celebration. 

I wish you a kind, joy-filled Pride!



Ajay Patel
President and CEO
Vancouver Community College

VCC students share their online learning experiences

Posted on July 23, 2020

Most classes in Spring/Summer 2020 have transitioned to online delivery or remote learning due to COVID-19. We are very proud of our international students as they managed to study from their home and continue their learning journey during this uncertain time. Check out some social media posts from our students sharing their learning-from-home experiences. Here are also some tips for online learning.


Students posts their Online learning experiences on VCC's Instagram page.


1. Organize your agenda

Having a calendar with your day planned can help you organize everything you have to do and avoid procrastination. A paper journal to write on, Google calendar, or a mobile app calendar can come handy when you're trying to find time to work on your assignments, prepare presentations, have coffee dates with some friends, and watch a movie!


2. Avoid multitasking

Focusing on one thing at a time is the key to have your tasks done without feeling overwhelmed. Consider following the pomodoro technique by focusing on your tasks for 25 minutes, followed by a 5 minute break. Remember to take breaks between your tasks, by listening to your favourite music, practicing mindful meditation, doing some stretches, or finding other ways to relax and renew your energy.


3. Participate, focus and review

Attend classes, ask questions, participate in discussions, connect with your classments, and always plan to log in a few minutes before classes begin. Avoid distractions during this time by turning your phone off and closing all the tabs on your browser that are not related to what you are learning. Set dedicated time to work on your assignments. Review class recordings if available. 



Students posts their Online learning experiences on VCC's Instagram page.


4. Stay connected with others

Communicate with your classmates, work together on assignments and projects, and find time to study together. Check in on your classmates and provide support if necessary. Build relationships and enjoy this learning journey together!

Stay connected with your friends and family - they are your support network! Take a break and call or email them to share how your day goes. You will be amazed how we can utilize technology to stay connected with our loved ones, even though we cannot see one another in person!


5. Access VCC support and services

Stay connected with us. You are not alone in this online learning journey!

VCC International Student Advisors meet with students virtually every Tuesday and Thursday at 2pm. Click here for more details. You can also reach us by email at

Follow us on Social Media! Our Instagram is a great place to see how other students are doing while #studyingathome. We also share a lot of information about events happening online and in Vancouver on our Facebook Group.


"We are in this together – and we will get through this, together."

António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations



Students posts their Online learning experiences on VCC's Instagram page.


VCC-trained chef finds “Phamily” success during COVID-19

Posted on July 20, 2020



Late last year, Vancouver Community College (VCC) Culinary Arts alumnus Brandon Pham had a big decision to make. With just over a decade of professional cooking under his belt, he was ready to take his next big step as a chef. But what would it be? 

Many cooks dream of opening their own restaurants. Others want to travel the world, host a TV show, or write a cookbook. Brandon, however, followed a desire to connect to his cultural roots that turned out to be one of the smartest moves of his career.  

The chef life

Growing up in Surrey, B.C., Brandon developed a love for food thanks to his mother’s Vietnamese cooking. This eventually led him to VCC’s culinary arts program. “I started cooking when I was 16,” he says, “but I really started cooking when I got to VCC.”

After completing his Professional Cook 1 training, Brandon went on to apprentice under now-VCC instructor Chef Hamid Salimian first at The Westin Wall Centre, then the prestigious Diva at the Met restaurant. 

“I was really, really lucky to be with Chef Hamid when he was at the restaurants,” says Brandon. “He taught me about life. My heart still races when he sends me encouraging messages. He’s still the chef.”  

Within a few years, Brandon’s promising career took him to Denmark, where he completed a stage at Michelin-starred restaurant AOC, while also working his off-days at equally acclaimed restaurants Noma and Relae

Back in Vancouver, Brandon continued building his resume at numerous local high-end restaurants and hotels, eventually earning his first promotion to Chef de Cuisine at Asian fusion restaurant Sai Woo.

“Brandon was just a teenager when he first came to VCC,” remembers VCC Culinary Arts department head Ysabel Sukic. “He got to where he is today with passion, perseverance, and unwavering commitment.” 

Home cooking 

While working in Denmark, Brandon says he was often asked about his Vietnamese heritage, but found he didn’t have many answers. “It made me realize I needed to go home and figure out my roots,” he says.

In 2017, Brandon took the leap and launched his own Vancouver catering business, The Phamily Table, aimed at bringing a Vietnamese-inspired “chef’s table” experience into peoples homes. “Everything just fell into place,” he says.  

Brandon’s catering business was still thriving when news of a coronavirus epidemic started coming in from China in December 2019. With incredible foresight, Brandon immediately transitioned his business model away from catering inside peoples’ homes to offering takeout meals. He also started pursuing a less-typical business plan to launch a product line of Vietnamese sauces. 

“I was being really hard on myself in December,” he says about developing the product line. “I thought it could turn out to be the worst mistake of my life!” 

Fortunately for The Phamily Table, demand for takeout meals has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brandon's sauces, branded Re/de/fine foodshave also proven to be a popular item in grocery stores and are available at farmers’ markets across the region. “I love working with and supporting other local businesses,” says Brandon. “I’ve been very, very grateful.” 

For Brandon, creating his line of chili and lemongrass sauces has been especially meaningful because it’s allowed him to express his Vietnamese heritage using local, Canadian ingredients. “I didn’t realize farmers in B.C. can grow 300 varieties of chilies!” he says.

Most meaningfully, perhaps, the Re/de/fine product line also became tribute to Brandon’s parents and their immigrant experience. “This is something that will leave a legacy,” says the not-quite-30-year-old chef. “It honours my family. It shows that they didn’t come here for nothing.”

Do you want to make your mark in the culinary world? Start by learning from the best at VCC Culinary Arts. Sign up for an information session to get more information.

Vancouver fashion programs design their own take on virtual learning

Posted on July 14, 2020

Originally published in The Georgia Straight

Whether it’s learning to feel the difference between textile fibres or to steer an industrial sewing machine, fashion education comes with a hands-on element.

So what does that look like during social distancing, as instruction pivots to more e-learning? And how will that education shift as the entire fashion industry grapples with the challenges of fitting and producing garments during a lockdown that’s only gradually loosening? Local institutions are in the midst of finding that out, getting creative amid COVID-19 measures.

Over at Vancouver Community College’s fashion design and production program, coordinator Andrea Korens explains how shifts in the industry prepared her team well for the changes that are happening now. “One of the great things about working in fashion is we are so poised for a pivot already,” she observes. “I think we had less stress than other programs.”

Theory classes easily moved to virtual learning, and the school has found creative ways—both high- and low-tech—to translate more hands-on instruction with social distancing.

One example is VCC’s Fashion Cycle 4 collaborative garment-production class for custom clients. Though it had to be put on pause because of COVID-19, instructor Jason Matlo and producer Brenda Gilbert decided to donate their time to hosting a Zoom-based “What’s Next for Fashion” series. “They’re meeting with students every week about what’s coming up next in the market given the current climate, to keep them inspired and engaged,” Korens says.

Elsewhere, Korens has used a simple tactic message to get into the tactile world of teaching fabric and textile studies right now. “I am actually mailing them pieces—I’ve got swatches and I send them to them in the mail,” she says with a laugh, pointing out that, as she’s based at home, the fabric pieces are sitting all around her.

With large studio space at VCC and the chance to return with social distancing in the fall, she looks forward to finding ways use to the classroom with some new approaches.


Develop technical and business skills while expressing your creativity. Sign up for one of our free information sessions.

Four reasons the VCC music diploma program should be your first choice

Posted on June 5, 2014

1. Community is in our name for a reason. The instructors, staff and peers in the VCC music department are helpful to each other, and offer a tight-knit, collaborative and supportive community.

2. VCC music offers students a diverse choice in their education. Whether your concentration is in voice, instrumental, composition, or jazz, classical or contemporary, VCC music will find a major that fits with your focus and style.

3. Highly-engaged, professional faculty who bring their real world experiences into the classroom.

4. Career success. Just ask one of VCC’s many successful music alumni.

Daniel Ruiz, BESTiE drummer and VCC music alumnus, credits VCC music for giving him the confidence to explore his improvisational skills.

For more information, visit the webpage of the Music Diploma program.

Music can improve your quality of life

Posted on August 14, 2014



A recent article written for The Week, by Eric Barker, sites the ‘nine ways music can improve your life’. From helping you relax, to reducing pain, to making you a better person, music resonates within each and every one of us.

VCC welcomes instrumentalists and vocalists in rock and popular music, as well as classical, new music and music traditions from other cultures. VCC’s music department offers Music Diploma and Degree for international students to explore their passion for music.

Learn from the best instructors the province has to offer and study alongside a group of supportive and encouraging peers. 

Contact us to get more information about VCC's music programs.

VCC Hospitality students win LinkBC competition

Posted on November 7, 2013

On October 27th, the 7th annual LinkBC Student Case Competition kicked off the Connect Trade Show & Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre, with a record 16 teams demonstrating leadership and business skills as they presented solutions to 2 topical case studies. Students presented their business cases to a panel of industry judges.

Vancouver Community College was announced as the winning team at Connect's Industry Lunch. The winning team, composed of Hospitality Degree students Khaled Attalaoui, Caitlin Cindric, Emma Dagg and Kathryn Gidluck took home a $500 prize.


Hospitality diploma and degree linkbc competition teams

 Left to right: Degree hospitality team and Diploma hospitality team

 Find out more about Hospitality Management Diploma


Field trip takes VCC drafting students to new heights

Posted on May 14, 2012

Mann, what a field trip!

VCC drafting technician students (steel detailing) were given the chance of a lifetime on May 11, taking an end-of-semester tour of the ongoing Port Mann Bridge construction project.

Graham Huckin, department head, says VCC builds and maintains strong relationships with industry partners so that students can experience real world learning.

“Our students are always welcome for on-site tours of major construction projects in B.C., whether it’s the Port Mann Bridge, Canada Line or new cruise ship terminal."

VCC’s drafting technician programs consist of three specialties: architectural, architectural/civil/structural and steel detailing.

drafting class at port mann bridge construction site

Culinary department head named Chef of the Year

Posted on February 18, 2016

BC Chef of the year award‌Vancouver Community College’s (VCC) culinary arts department head, Chef Collin Gill was honored this weekend at the 40th Annual Presidents Ball where he took home the British Columbia Chef’s Association ‘Chef of the Year’ award. The event raises funds to provide scholarships to junior chefs in the province.

“I feel very honored to be named Chef of the Year. This award is also recognition for all that our department does in conjunction with the BC Chefs to serve the community, provide education, create scholarships, and deliver competitions,” says Chef Collin. “I feel this award is a tip of the hat for the VCC Culinary program, not only to myself.”

Read more about Chef Collin and his involvement with the VCC 50 Years 50 Chefs gala here.

Pictured at right: Dean of School of Trades, Dennis Innes with Department Head of Culinary Arts, Collin Gill.

Award winning chef joins VCC’s world class culinary school

Posted on May 1, 2013


You might call it VCC's catch of the day.

Award-winning Vancouver chef Hamid Salimian, a graduate of VCC's widely respected culinary arts program, is returning to teach a new generation of chefs.

Salimian is currently the executive chef at Diva at the Met, where he earned the prestigious distinction of being voted Vancouver's best chef by a group of industry peers. He'll be leaving his post in June to teach full-time at VCC.

Read more in the Georgia Straight

Find out more about the Culinary Arts Diploma program for international students.

Chef Hamid Salimian - VCC graduate

VCC students participate in HomeGround

Posted on February 26, 2015

VANCOUVER, B.C. – VCC culinary arts' instructors and students partnered with HomeGround last week to provide lunches and dinners to 500 people from the Downtown Eastside. This community-building event gives homeless and under-housed residents the best food and entertainment for three days straight at the Carnegie Community Centre and Oppenheimer Park.

The students and chef instructors donated their own time to provide outstanding service and received affectionate thanks from the community. "VCC truly has community spirit and to have our students be part of this experience is an incredible opportunity to share in this spirit." says John-Carlo Felicella, chef instructor and VCC event lead.








Alex’s story: family and fusion in the restaurant business

Posted on August 30, 2016

News-Alex-Holliday-380For many kids, growing up Canada today means juggling multiple cultures. While English at school or work may be the norm, many second- and third-generation Canadians are also working hard to keep their cultural heritage alive, be it through language, traditions, or food.

Alex Holliday was born and raised in North Vancouver, the third generation in a family of Chinese restaurant owners. Although he grew up helping his mother operate Capilano Heights Chinese Restaurant, he never worked the kitchen. Still, Alex had a passion for the business and a desire to carry on the family tradition.

It was while studying Chinese in Taipei that Alex and his girlfriend (now wife) Annie decided they wanted to open a restaurant together. First, though, Alex knew he needed industry training. “I wanted to learn more about my culinary heritage as well as how a professional kitchen works,” he says.

Growing up locally, Alex already knew that VCC’s Asian Culinary Arts program was the perfect fit. The five-month program, established in 1975, provides commercial culinary training in Cantonese, Mandarin and Szechuan food as well as other Asian cuisines such as Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Singaporean, Vietnamese, and Korean. Courses also cover the business side of restaurant operations.

“The technical cooking skills that I learned were of course useful beyond measure,” says Alex, “but I think what I value most were the management skills.” He credits department head Barry Tsang with instilling in him the highest of standards. “Anyone can teach you how to fry rice, but it takes someone special to teach you how to run a kitchen,” he says.

Always driven to expand his horizons, Alex has since returned to Taipei where he now owns and operates the trendy Taiwanese-Cantonese fusion restaurant, Drunken Monkey (currently relocating).

Though the restaurant business seems to run through his veins, Alex maintains a strong appreciation for the hard work it took to learn the trade as well as keep connected to his culture.

“It was a bit of a journey for me,” he says. “I went to Asia to learn Chinese, came back to Vancouver to study culinary arts, and finally took this fusion of experience back to Asia where my grandfather set out from 70 years ago.”

New funding announced for cutting-edge automotive, culinary equipment

Posted on August 10, 2016

News-Wilkinson-automotive-400On Monday morning, Vancouver Community College welcomed Minister of Advanced Education Andrew Wilkinson to the Broadway automotive service technician shop to announce special funding of over $694,000 for the purchase of new trades-training equipment.

"BC is looking at a million job openings in the next 10 years,” said Minister Wilkinson, acknowledging that this period will also bring advances in technology that will increase efficiency, quality, and safety in the work of our tradespeople.

Training apprentices on the latest industry-specific equipment will be a key to employment and success in the future workforce, and especially in automotive trades, where technology continues to advance rapidly.

With this funding, VCC will purchase equipment such as training vehicles and parts for the automotive service technician program, 15-litre training engines for heavy-mechanical trades, and a mobile food station for culinary arts. 

VCC automotive service technician student James Tobin took part in the announcement, representing his classmates and expressing thanks. 

James’ first pursuit was to become a chef, but after having a child, found himself working at a Jiffy Lube instead. It was there that he realized he wanted to pursue a career in cars. “I’d like to end up at a performance shop working on high-end vehicles,” he says. “Maybe even own my own shop or study mechanical engineering.” 

Dustin Janzen, a VCC automotive graduate and independent owner of a Minit Tune and Brake Auto Centre, where he typically employs four to six VCC apprentices, also shared his support for the funding, and encouragement for students to be trained in the latest technology.


Learn more: 



VCC auto students assist with taxi safety inspections

Posted on April 18, 2013


Do you know if the taxi you’re flagging down will be safe to ride in?

It’s an important question and that’s why Vancouver Community College's automotive service technician program teamed up with the City of Vancouver's taxi inspector and police from Vancouver and Delta to perform vigorous safety checks on rebuilt taxis. The inspections took place over a two-day period inside the Broadway campus auto shop.Automotive service technician students teamed up with the taxi inspector and police to perform vigorous safety checks on rebuilt taxis.

“We want students to get involved in the inspection process to help police, learn from police, and develop the same moral compass as certified technicians who wouldn’t allow a dangerous vehicle to hit the streets," says Jason Devisser, department head, automotive service technician program. “Real world experience is an important part of our curriculum.”

Students worked side-by-side with experts to look for things like brake or suspension issues and body work problems. Many vehicles that are written off are rebuilt into taxi cabs.

Police and the Vancouver Taxi Association added they are grateful that VCC is able to offer its full-service auto shop to help perform important services to keep the public safe.


Click here to read more about the program:
Automotive Service Technology Diploma for International Students

VCC hosts Skills Canada BC Competition

Posted on April 18, 2013


Do you know if the taxi you’re flagging down will be safe to ride in?

It’s an important question and that’s why Vancouver Community College's automotive service technician program teamed up with the City of Vancouver's taxi inspector and police from Vancouver and Delta to perform vigorous safety checks on rebuilt taxis. The inspections took place over a two-day period inside the Broadway campus auto shop.Automotive service technician students teamed up with the taxi inspector and police to perform vigorous safety checks on rebuilt taxis.

“We want students to get involved in the inspection process to help police, learn from police, and develop the same moral compass as certified technicians who wouldn’t allow a dangerous vehicle to hit the streets," says Jason Devisser, department head, automotive service technician program. “Real world experience is an important part of our curriculum.”

Students worked side-by-side with experts to look for things like brake or suspension issues and body work problems. Many vehicles that are written off are rebuilt into taxi cabs.

Police and the Vancouver Taxi Association added they are grateful that VCC is able to offer its full-service auto shop to help perform important services to keep the public safe.

Automotive Service Technology Diploma

VCC students earn two medals at Skills Canada competition

Posted on June 7, 2013


Congratulations to all of VCC's Skills Canada competitors. You made the VCC community very proud!

Adam Sliacky one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors. Adam Sliacky
Age 17
Automotive refinishing - high school
Delta, B.C.
Ashlie Mackie one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors.
Ashlie Mackie
Age 26
Skin and body therapy
Vancouver, B.C.
Georgine Chung one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors. BRONZE WINNER
Georgine Chung
Age 19
Baking and pastry arts
Chilliwack, B.C.
Keith Stonehouse one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors. Keith Stonehouse
Age 25
Chilliwack, B.C.
Kurtis Gordey one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors. Kurtis Gordey
Age 16
Automotive collision repair - high school
Enderby, B.C.
Meghan McDonell one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors. Meghan McDonell
Age 26
Architectural drafting
Vancouver, B.C.
Michelle Macasling one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors. Michelle Macasling
Age 24
Hair design
Rachelle Garcia one of VCC's Skills Canada competitors.

Rachelle Garcia
Age 18
Hair design - high school
Maple Ridge, B.C.

VCC Hospitality Management programs prepare students for the return of tourism

Posted on June 22, 2020

VCC Hospitality Management students serving a restaurant customer


Originally published in The Georgia Straight

With Vancouver being a popular destination for international and local travel, hospitality is one of the most important and lucrative industries in our city. Even though the pandemic has put travel on pause, there will be a pent-up demand in tourism and hospitality in the near future. The industry is extremely resilient. 

For those with dreams of working at a hotel or resort, or managing a restaurant, right now is the time to invest in your education. By registering for one of the online Hospitality Management programs at Vancouver Community College (VCC), you’ll be ready to start your career in either two or four years.

Prospective students can enroll in VCC's two-year diploma program or opt to take the full two-year bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management. 

 “We give our students some restaurant experience in both the kitchen and front of house,” says Dennis Innes, dean of Hospitality, Food Studies, and Applied Business at VCC. “This way they gain an understanding of what goes into food preparation and cooking but also learn how to run the restaurant.”

Within both the diploma and degree program, students will also learn about service management, marketing, organizational behaviour, sales, accounting, communications, law, and more. “Students can expect to cultivate many transferable skills, like problem solving, empathy, critical thinking, and customer service,” says Innes. “Having a good understanding of customer service will help you in any job position.” 

VCC’s diploma program provides students with a well-rounded introduction to the industry whereas the degree allows students to dive deeper into the areas that they enjoy most. “Hospitality and tourism will come back and be a vibrant industry once again,” says Innes. “Our programs teach students a fulsome range of skills so that they can successfully enter the industry once it bounces back.”

Get more info about how to become an international student at VCC on Friday, June 26. RSVP NOW >

How trades schools are thriving in the new normal

Posted on June 16, 2020


VCC automotive student using virtual reality (VR) automotive welding technology on campus 

Originally published in The Province

Teaching the trades has always been about learning by doing. Whether it’s welding, mechanics, electrical, carpentry, or even hair cutting, much of the instruction is hands-on and this makes COVID-19 a unique challenge for educators in the trades.

Vancouver Community College (VCC) was forced to quickly come up with options for its trade programs when the campus shut down in March, said Brett Griffiths, the dean of trades, technology, and design.

They shipped off mannequins to hairstyling students isolating at home, and estheticians-in-training practised on family members and filmed the process. Mechanics programs turned to Zoom, and with Go Pro cameras, students and instructors did deep dives into engines.

Now the welding and automotive painting programs at VCC are enhancing their at-home learning options with virtual reality, and the technology is so promising they will likely continue to use it when COVID-19 restrictions ease.

“We are rolling out a new virtual reality program for welding and automotive painting, and it’s the first of its kind in Canada,” said Griffiths.

Virtual reality has advantages for welding: there are no sparks or fumes and no danger for learners, and studies show that training with welding simulators increases proficiency, said Griffiths.

The college already had a virtual reality booth onsite for welding but the technology wasn’t transportable. Now it is.

VCC worked with a software engineering company in India to design the VR welding and painting practice program, and bought the computers and virtual reality headsets that will allow students to practice at home.

“Through gameification students can use the VR and the hand controller to practice distance speed and angle. It helps to train them up before they get into the shop and can help bring that experiential piece,” said Griffiths.

Of course, eventually students will have to spray a real panel on a car, and glove up and weld a real door. Griffiths said the college will soon be hosting smaller cohorts for on-site portions of their programs, and is adapting their shops to meet WorkSafeBC guidelines so everyone feels comfortable and stays safe.

At VCC, one unexpected side effect of the pandemic has been an uptick in applications from domestic students, said Griffiths. “We seem to have seen an increase in domestic student enrolment, and it may have more to do with the current labour market… it’s a good time to get a trade.”

Learn how you can get thorough, in-demand automotive and heavy equipment training with VCC Transportation Trades

VCC chef Tobias MacDonald explains how program has adapted to new reality

Posted on May 14, 2020


Originally published in The Georgia Straight

Vancouver Community College’s culinary arts program has earned a reputation as one of the best training grounds for B.C. chefs. Grads have gone on to work at such respected places as Fairmont Hotels, Earls Kitchen and Bar, Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver, and Hawksworth Restaurant, among many others.

COVID-19 isn’t putting a pause on developing the chefs of tomorrow.

Chef instructor Tobias MacDonald is a certified master chef who has been teaching at VCC for the past eight years.

When he received the CMC title, the highest culinary designation in Canada, in 2015, he was just the second person to do so. Only four other people in the country hold the esteemed rank.

It’s just one of several culinary achievements for MacDonald. He competed with Culinary Team Canada over a period of several years and helped it earn multiple gold medals at the Culinary Olympics. He has also coached Culinary Team Canada, as well as the junior national team. From 2010 to 2012, he qualified to represent Canada in the World Association of Chefs Societies’ Global Chefs’ Challenge, winning the semifinals for North and South America and placing third in the finals in South Korea.

Although the global pandemic hasn’t stopped VCC from training future chefs, operations look much different now than they did in the recent past.

Three of the VCC kitchens have transformed into commissary space where support staff prepares meals for residents of the Downtown Eastside.

“Otherwise, it is a bit of a ghost town,” MacDonald tells the Straight. “Students have been all working remotely since mid-March and will continue to until we get the Provincial Health Officer guidelines in the next few weeks.”

There’s a Zoom lecture daily to provide the theory and academic side, as well as activities, quizzes, and assignments via a Moodle online classroom. Students are also tasked with completing short essays (or video essays), a small research project, and other assignments.


Learn the latest culinary techniques from VCC's award-winning chefs. Sign up now for our next free information session.

VCC jewellery student donates small business profits to food bank

Posted on May 5, 2020


The moment Vancouver Community College (VCC) international student Mariana Carneiro saw people struggling to meet their basic needs due to COVID-19, she started thinking of ways to help. 

As a fashion professional and jewellery designer, however, Mariana’s skills weren’t typically the kind needed in a global health emergency. Having only recently moved to Canada from Brazil, her connections were limited, and living with an at-risk family member meant she also had to be extra careful about leaving the house. 

Still, she was resolute. “I really wanted to do something that would help people beyond my friends and neighbours,” she says.

Watching the news one day, she saw that the food bank needed extra help, so she decided to donate 10 per cent of sales from her online jewellery shop, Kaju. Additionally, she gave numerous pairs of earrings as a token of thanks to health care workers, and began promoting donations to Canadian Blood Services on her popular Instagram account.

“If you can, I think you need to share,” she says. “Every little bit counts right now.”

An artistic journey

Before moving to Canada, Mariana studied industrial design and earned a master’s degree in fashion business in Brazil. She started her career in a large clothing company where she also designed jewellery, but never crafted it herself. 

“I drew the designs, picked the stones and materials, but someone else would make it,” she says. “I love jewellery but I never learned the making process.”

In Vancouver, Mariana began experimenting with jewellery at home using colourful clay and metal. Her designs soon became popular on Etsy, but she wanted to refine her techniques, so she enrolled in the Jewellery Techniques 1 course through VCC Continuing Studies.

“I learned so much in two and a half months,” says Mariana. While the focus of the class was making silver rings, once Mariana had learned the basic techniques, she’s grateful that the instructor allowed her to shift to her real passion – making earrings.  

Mariana is now planning on taking Jewellery Techniques 2 in the coming months, and enrolling in VCC’s full Jewellery Art and Design diploma program in 2021. 

No small gift

A ten per cent donation may sound small, but for a solo entrepreneur, it’s huge. “I wanted to find some way I could help, and I wish I could do more,” says Mariana, who independently looks after every aspect of her business, from manufacturing to web design to customer service. 

With her elderly mother and grandmother homebound in Brazil, Mariana is especially grateful for a family friend who has been shopping for them, and encourages everyone in Vancouver to seek out a need and lend a hand right now. “You can always help,” she says. 


Earrings by Kaju Creations

Read more about how VCC students, grads, and employees are working together to fight the spread of COVID-19

Free, 24/7 counselling service now available for B.C. post-secondary students

Posted on April 16, 2020


The Government of B.C. has launched Here2Talk, a new mental-health counselling and referral service for post-secondary students.

The service offers confidential, free, single-session services by app, phone, or online chat, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Until now, post-secondary students have never had access to 24/7 province-wide mental-health support services,” says Melanie Mark, Minister of Advanced Education, Skills and Training. “Students advocated for years to fill the gap in available mental-health counselling services in British Columbia… I’m very excited to say that Here2Talk is now available for all 555,000 post-secondary students registered across B.C.”

Over the past several months, the Government of B.C. has been working with students to develop this new service. Hundreds of students throughout B.C. provided feedback and ideas that were used to develop Here2Talk. With the advent of COVID-19 and the increased stress it has put on students, efforts were doubled to get students the supports they need. 

“Now, every student can access supports 24/7 without stigma or judgment – and it’s free, because access to mental-health care shouldn’t depend on the size of your bank account,” says Judy Darcy, Minister of Mental Health and Addictions.

For the first time, every student in B.C. has access to 24/7 mental-health services – whether they are rural, urban, domestic, Indigenous, international, public, private, full-time, part-time or in trades training. Here2Talk will complement other supports on campus and in the community, including new virtual mental-health supports announced Thursday, April 9, by the Ministry of Mental Health and Addictions.

How to access Here2Talk

B.C. post-secondary students can access professional counselling services by:

Students calling from outside Canada can also dial 604.642.5212 (international calling charges may apply). Phone services are available in additional languages upon request.

The Here2Talk service is operated by Morneau-Shepell, and can support students dealing with challenges such as depression, anxiety, loneliness, pressure to perform, crises, racism, and relationships. Counsellors will also be equipped to refer students to local resources in their communities.

Read the Government of B.C. news release: Free counselling service launches for post-secondary students

Learn about more emergency resouces and supports for students by visiting VCC's COVID-19 information page.


COVID-19 update – VCC open, transitioning to alternative delivery

Posted on March 15, 2020

VCC is open, transitioning to alternative delivery to allow students to continue programs

A message from Ajay Patel, Interim President of Vancouver Community College

To students and employees at VCC,

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this very challenging and complex time. Vancouver Community College (VCC) continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation and has the health of our college community, students, and employees as our top priority.

The VCC Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) and deans met today to discuss additional measures on how we can maintain social distancing on campus to minimize close contact with each other. This is in alignment with the guidance from the Provincial Health Officer, and we are working with the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training.

Until further notice, our campuses will remain open and services will continue to be provided. The college will continue to review its actions as the situation evolves.

Alternative program delivery

Where possible and reasonable, VCC is transitioning to alternative modes of instruction and assessment for the rest of the term, which may include online delivery for some students.

Given the wide range of programs and courses at VCC, it will take time to transition to these new measures. Classes will continue as scheduled unless students learn otherwise from their instructors, who will be taking guidance from their department leaders and deans.

Because of the diversity of the types of programs we offer, we recognize that not all programs, courses, labs, and shops may be suited to alternative deliveries. Our deans will be working with instructors, departments, and program areas to determine whether and how best to accommodate alternative methods of instruction and assessment. Students will learn of the changes affecting them through their instructors as the changes are implemented. 

COVID-19 and the VCC community

This step is being taken out of an abundance of caution and a desire of VCC to do its part in helping to contain the spread of COVID-19. It is important to note that, at this time, there are no known COVID-19 cases at VCC. At this point, there is no direction from the Provincial Health Officer to close campuses, and the risk of infection remains low.

Providing a safe and healthy learning and working environment for students and employees is a focus for our deliberations and decision-making in these matters. We also want to ensure that students receive the education and assessment that will deliver the learning outcomes they seek.


What is VCC doing?

Our announcement on Friday, March 13 was the latest in a series of steps we have already taken as we have followed the guidance of the Provincial Health Officer and health authorities. In response, other recommendations from government that we have put into place include:

  • All events over 250 people are cancelled until the end of April 2020.
  • All events planned to take place on VCC campuses within in the next two months will be reviewed. Information about cancellations or postponements will be shared as soon as possible.
  • All VCC work-related travel outside of Canada is cancelled immediately until further notice. We recommend against all travel outside of Canada, including to the United States.
  • Staff and students returning to VCC from travel outside of Canada are asked to self-isolate for 14 days before returning to work. VCC is working with government and other agencies to determine best approach and implications for those who self-isolate.

  • All external bookings for meeting space have been cancelled on all of our campuses (to be reviewed end of April).

  • Additional cleaning measures have been implemented at all our campuses, as well as distribution of additional hand-sanitizing stations and posting of information about recommended measures to help avoid the spread of the virus.

My gratitude to all students and employees for your hard work and understanding during this challenging time. It is our desire to ensure students complete their studies this term.

Please continue to visit for updates and relevant information.


Ajay Patel
President and CEO (Interim)
Vancouver Community College


Fall convocation recap

Posted on January 2, 2015

Congratulations graduates!

Convocation is a special day where we recognize the hard work and dedication put forth by our graduates.

Photos from the fall event can be found on VCC's official Flickr account.

Here's a short recap from our fall ceremonies:

  • VCC celebrated over 1,400 graduates with three ceremonies.
  • The amazing VCC convocation band was comprised of five current and/or graduating students from VCC's music program: Jason Smith, Adam Kerby, Nial Harvey and Max Ley.
  • Winners from our Outstanding Alumni Awards 2013 were honoured.
  • Three valedictorians represented their fellow graduates during the ceremonies: ‌Michelle Lum, Mandy Sze Nga Yeung and Naomi Phillips.

Michelle Lummichelle lum valedictorian image for news item november 2014
Michelle is a graduate of VCC’s Dental Hygiene Diploma program.
After completing the Certified Dental Assisting program at VCC, Michelle worked as a certified dental assistant while continuing her education and pursuing a career in dental hygiene.

"I've worked hard to continue my education and pursue a career in dental hygiene. Since graduating from this program, I've already found a job in a dental office as a registered dental hygienist. My next step is to complete my dental hygiene degree and work towards my goal of becoming an instructor."

Representing: School of Health Sciences and School of Transportation Trades



Mandy Sze Nga Yeung2014 nov valedictorian mandy sze nga yeung convocation
Mandy is a graduate of VCC's Baking and Pastry Arts Certificate program.
After graduating from university with a degree, Mandy decided to pursue her true passion - pastry.

“I've always had a passion for food and am so happy I chose this path. I had a wonderful experience competing in both the B.C. and national skills competitions. I'm excited to be working in this field and hope to one day travel the world and learn new pastry trends and techniques.”

Representing: School of Hospitality and Business (hospitality programs), and School of Music, Dance and Design.



Naomi Phillips2014 nov valedictorian naomi phillips convocation
Naomi is a graduate of VCC's Administrative Assistant program.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from university, Naomi came to VCC and completed the administrative assistant program.

"I chose to attend VCC to gain practical skills and build more confidence in my professional competencies. I'm now working towards completing VCC's Legal Administrative Assistant program. I'm grateful VCC has given me the opportunity to be prepared for what lies ahead."

Representing: School of Arts and Science; School of Hospitality and Business
(business programs), School of Language Studies, Centre for Continuing Studies and Contract Training, and
Centre for Teaching, Innovation and Applied Research (School of Instructor Education)

Study Online at VCC this Spring/Summer!

Posted on April 16, 2020

If you are an international student in Vancouver, choose VCC for your Spring/Summer program!

The majority of VCC programs scheduled to start in the Spring/Summer 2020 term will proceed using online learning and alternative delivery modes. 

International students studying online at VCC can take advantage of our expertise and remote delivery services such as:

  • VCC’s instructors are experienced in online teaching and we have in-house expertise for online instruction
  • VCC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Research specializes in instructional excellence and provides expertise and support to students and faculty for online and alternate modes of instruction
  • VCC has online resources for students including free tutoring, library materials, counselling services, and career guidance
  • VCC has virtual international student services such as academic course planning, online orientation, tips and resources about studying in Canada, and we can connect by phone, email or zoom
  • VCC uses electronic textbooks and open-source courseware
  • VCC has smaller classes  so communication flows easily online
  • VCC’s online programs are eligible for the post-graduation work permit

Are you worried about your eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) being affected by studying online?

According to Immigration, Refugees, Citizenship and Canada (IRCC), students' eligibility for the Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) Program won’t be affected if their classes are moved to an online-only format due to COVID-19, including those who are unable to travel to Canada at this time due to travel restrictions.


Make VCC your first choice and start now to meet your educational goals and make the most of your studies. VCC international programs available for Spring/Summer intake include:

  • Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma
  • Automotive Service Technology Diploma
  • Business and Project Management Post-Degree Diploma
  • Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma
  • Computer Systems Technology Diploma
  • Culinary Arts Diploma
  • Hospitality Management Diploma


If you have a valid study permit and want to start at VCC this Spring/Summer, call our advisors at 604-443-8600 or email

You can also visit our website at


COVID-19 update – VCC pausing all face-to-face instruction for the time being

Posted on March 19, 2020, reviewed on March 24, 2020

Find answers to COVID-19 frequently asked questions


A message from Ajay Patel, Interim President of Vancouver Community College

Watch an American Sign Language (ASL) version of this message 


VCC students and employees, 

As VCC continues to receive updated information and guidance about the COVID-19 pandemic from the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training, I would like to update you on VCC program delivery and operations, campus services, and ongoing health and wellness for the VCC students and employees.The college, along with the public post-secondary system in B.C., remains open as directed by the Provincial Health Officer. Please remember, as the recommended response to COVID-19 continues to change, so too may the information. 

I want to extend my personal gratitude and thanks to everyone for the collaborative and extensive work by all of you, in a very short and disruptive time, to make the shifts and changes to the way we deliver education and operate.  I am heartened to see the support and care for each other, and inspired by the innovation and creativity many of you are showing in situations where time is of the essence.  You have all been REMARKABLE! 


1. Delivery of programs for students next week

This week, the Emergency Operations Committee (EOC), faculty, instructors and staff have put a tremendous amount of work into shifting course delivery from in person to online or alternative methods. These adaptations have been made to support the continuity of teaching and learning through the evolving situation of COVID-19. Our overarching goal is to ensure we are actively contributing to society’s greater efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

With most of our programs moving to alternate methods of delivery, we are pausing all face-to-face classes for the time being. Alternative delivery methods that have been established will continue to take place. We will continue to monitor the situation and update students accordingly.

At this time, our educational leadership teams are continuing to assess what needs to happen with some of these complex, hands-on courses and programs that are not easily shifted to on-line delivery. We understand that this uncertainty can be frustrating and worrisome for students and faculty. 

Instructors will be in communication with students about delivery and service changes soon, if they have not already done so.


2. Staff and the ongoing operations of VCC

VCC is currently transitioning to have some VCC staff working remotely. For employees wanting or needing to continue to come to work, plans and approaches are being developed to provide as much flexibility based on the provincial health officer’s guidelines.


3. Access to campus services

To ensure we are actively supporting ‘social distancing’ recommendations from the health authorities, we are temporarily moving all in-person/face-to-face on-campus services for students and the public, to online/phone call only options. 

For detailed information about accessing campus services online go to:


4. Health & Wellness 

As a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be worried about the health and safety of yourself or your family and friends. This is a challenging and uncertain time. It is not uncommon to experience higher levels of stress and feelings of being overwhelmed. If this is your experience, please seek help and support.

Counselling and supports are available online to students and VCC employees who are affected by COVID-19. We encourage everyone who may need support at this time to contact one of the following services:


Students: Counselling Services or 24-hour emergency lines 

Employees: Employee & Family Assistance Program


Also, the BC Ministry of Health developed a COVID-19 symptom self-assessment tool to help determine whether you may need further assessment or testing for COVID-19. Guidance and recommendations from the Provincial Health Officer are available online at the BC Pandemic Preparedness website. Monitor the BC Centre for Disease Control website for updates, information and resources.

For non-health related COVID-19 questions (e.g. supports, programs, etc), a new dedicated phone line is available at 1-888-COVID-19.


Ajay Patel
President and CEO (Interim)
Vancouver Community College



COVID-19 update – VCC temporarily suspending face-to-face instruction for the week

Posted on March 18, 2020

Find answers to COVID-19 frequently asked questions


To mitigate further risk to the spread of COVID-19, we are closing face to face/in person registration at VCC.


Registration for Spring 2020 will open online at 8:30 a.m. on March 19, 2020.


Application information can be found here:


The Registrar's Office will not be open for in person registration.

Please register online or call 604.871.7000 and press option 4 for assistance.

Payments can be paid online:

VCC temporarily suspending face-to-face instruction and moving to alternate modes of delivery

A message from Ajay Patel, Interim President of Vancouver Community College

Watch an American Sign Language (ASL) version of this message. 

March 16, 2020


Dear VCC community,

Thank you for your patience and understanding during a very challenging and complex time. Vancouver Community College (VCC) will be temporarily suspending all in-person classes for the rest of the week beginning Tuesday, March 17 in order to transition to alternative modes of program and course delivery where possible.

VCC campuses will remain open and student services will be available during this time, although services for students may be modified. We encourage students to contact our offices online and by phone.

We realize that this is a very stressful time for many students and employees. These steps are being taken out of an abundance of ongoing caution and a desire for VCC do its part in promoting social distancing and containing the spread of COVID-19. It is important to note that there are currently no confirmed COVID-19 cases at VCC.

Alternative program delivery at VCC

Specific modes of alternative program delivery will be determined by individual VCC departments. Instructors will contact students with guidance about alternative modes, which may include online instruction, and assessment, or other forms of non-face-to-face learning. This process will be in place for the foreseeable future.

Given the wide range of programs and hands-on courses at VCC, the transition time will vary, and instructors have been asked to contact students as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this process. Alongside these increased health and safety precautions, VCC is committed to helping students continue their programs, where possible.

Commercial services closed 

VCC has many programs that support student-run commercial services throughout the college that serve the public. Until further notice, all commercial services will be closed, including the Dental Clinic, Salon and Spa, Automotive Shop, Seiffert’s Market, the Bistro, and JJ’s Restaurant.

This situation surrounding COVID-19 is unprecedented and stressful, but we are a resilient community. Thank you, not only for your patience with college decision making, but also for supporting one another mentally and emotionally at this time. At VCC, we greatly value the health and wellbeing of all our students and employees, and we will continue to follow the advice of health officials in order to come through this together.


Ajay Patel
President and CEO (Interim)
Vancouver Community College


To mitigate further risk to the spread of COVID-19, we are closing face to face/in person registration at VCC.
Registration for Spring 2020 will open online at 8:30 on March 19, 2020. 
Application information can be found here:
The Registration Office will not be open for in person registration. Please register online or call 604-871-7000 and press 4 for assistance. Payments can be paid online:




VCC hosts Skills Canada BC Competition

Posted on March 5, 2014

VCC was excited to host the Skills Canada BC high school Automotive Service Tech and Junior Skills Spaghetti Bridge regional competitions. Gold medal winners have qualified and will compete at the provincial competitions held on April 9, 2014 at Tradex in Abbotsford.

Congratulations to the winners and participants! In the Automotive Service Technician – high school category, Justin To, Windermere Secondary, won Gold; Josue Perez, Killarney Secondary, won Silver; and Ajay Malik, Gladstone Secondary, won Bronze. In the Spaghetti Bridge – junior skills category, Templeton Secondary won Gold, Rockridge Secondary won Silver and Queen Mary Elementary won Bronze.


VCC hosts Skills Canada BC Competition



The Skills Canada BC regional event was also a wonderful opportunity to invite high school students to watch the competitions and take part in VCC’s second annual Try-a-trade event. Five hundred students from 17 different high schools sampled applied learning at VCC – including Automotive Service Technology, Baking & Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts, Digital Graphic Design, Drafting, Hairstylist Certificate, Jewellery Art and Design Diploma, and Esthetics Certificate. Students and teachers tried their freshly-manicured hands at welding, spray painting and tire repair. There were also opportunities to learn about Aboriginal education at VCC, interact with a science display, make marzipan roses and take the culinary challenge of turning a potato.


VCC hosts Skills Canada BC Competition 


VCC chef on Food Network

Posted on March 7, 2014

Watch and root for Shelley Robinson, VCC chef instructor for the culinary program, when she competes against 13 other chefs on Food Network’s no. 1 series, Top Chef Canada, starting March 10.

“Chef-instructor Shelley Robinson exudes confidence in the kitchen and her passion for food translates to the students. The fact that she keeps putting herself out there teaches students the need to test their skills – no matter how much training and experience they have,” says Collin Gill, department head for VCC’s culinary arts program.

Robinson appeared on Food Network's Chopped Canada in January and beat out three competitors. The Vancouver Sun featured the chef in a recent article.


Shelley Robinson - Top chef Canada

VCC hosts Skills Canada BC Competition

Posted on March 5, 2014

VCC was excited to host the Skills Canada BC high school Automotive Service Tech and Junior Skills Spaghetti Bridge regional competitions. Gold medal winners have qualified and will compete at the provincial competitions held on April 9, 2014 at Tradex in Abbotsford.

Congratulations to the winners and participants! In the Automotive Service Technician – high school category, Justin To, Windermere Secondary, won Gold; Josue Perez, Killarney Secondary, won Silver; and Ajay Malik, Gladstone Secondary, won Bronze. In the Spaghetti Bridge – junior skills category, Templeton Secondary won Gold, Rockridge Secondary won Silver and Queen Mary Elementary won Bronze.


VCC hosts Skills Canada BC Competition



The Skills Canada BC regional event was also a wonderful opportunity to invite high school students to watch the competitions and take part in VCC’s second annual Try-a-trade event. Five hundred students from 17 different high schools sampled applied learning at VCC – including Automotive Collision & Automotive Refinishing, Automotive Service, Baking & Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts, Digital Graphic Design, Drafting, Hairstylist Certificate, Jewellery Art and Design (Diploma), and Esthetics Certificate. Students and teachers tried their freshly-manicured hands at welding, spray painting and tire repair. There were also opportunities to learn about Aboriginal education at VCC, interact with a science display, make marzipan roses and take the culinary challenge of turning a potato.


VCC hosts Skills Canada BC Competition 


New International Students: Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2020 term!

Posted on March 13, 2020

VCC International Education would like to provide a warm welcome to new international students enrolled in the Spring/Summer 2020 intake from the following programs: 

  • Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma
  • Automotive Service Technology Diploma
  • Baking & Pastry Arts - Pastry Certificate
  • Business Project Management Post-Degree Diploma
  • Canadian Business Management Post-Degree Diploma
  • Cosmetology Diploma
  • Computer Systems Technology Diploma
  • Culinary Arts Diploma
  • Esthetics Certificate
  • Hairstylist Certificate
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • University Transfer

Please note that there will not be an orientation taking place prior to the start of classes.  The International Education department will be sending a pre-arrival email with more information about how to prepare for the start of the academic program.  If you have any questions, please email

International Info Session 2020

Posted on February 14, 2020

If you want to become an international student in Vancouver, VCC is a great study option for you!
Make VCC as your first choice, attending our monthly Info Session and learning about our program's admissions requirements, application procedures, tuition fees and student services available for international students.
Also, Vancouver is the third-largest metropolitan area in Canada and named one of the TOP 3 worldwide cities of livability and quality of life. Don't forget that Vancouver is one of the warmest cities in Canada and gave you the opportunity to work in a city that is growing fast and creating a lot of job opportunities.
93% of VCC students are satisfied with their education as we support our students from applying for admission at VCC to apply for graduation.
Join us on this monthly IE Info Session at VCC Downtown Campus:
- February 21, 2020 - 1 pm in Room 113C, Downtown Campus
- March 27, 2020 - 1 pm in Room 113C, Downtown Campus
- May 29, 2020 - 1 pm in Room 113C, Downtown Campus
Check out more info and sign up for an info session:

Let's connect

Follow VCC International Education on Instagram and Facebook Group to stay up to date on college news like campus closures and other stories and announcements. Feel free to send us messages and questions, or share your own photos and stories using the hashtag #vccinternational.


Bake with Bruno Feldeisen at VCC

Posted on March 3, 2020


Fans of The Great Canadian Baking Show will undoubtedly recognize Bruno Feldeisen. After three successful seasons as a judge on the beloved CBC baking program, the smiling, bespectacled pastry chef has become a household name for home bakers across the country. 

Less known, perhaps, is that Bruno not only calls Vancouver home, but also teaches part-time baking and pastry classes at Vancouver Community College (VCC). In his courses, he shares his love of baking and pastry using a combination of expert skill and encouragement. 

In one popular course, World of Breads (CUIS 1106), Bruno says his goal is to take away the fear of breadmaking. “It’s intimidating to a lot of people,” he says. The secret to better bread, according to Bruno, is to learn the essential steps but avoid getting stuck on a recipe. Rather, he encourages students to get a feel for the process, then get creative and have fun. “It’s OK to play around,” he says.

Why would a chef who has consistently wowed high-class diners from France to California to New York choose to teach baking basics? As a troubled teen, Bruno got his own start in the industry when a famous French chocolatier took him on as an apprentice. Today, he’s the one with a heart for anyone wishing to learn. 

“I meet people who are very good bakers with great ideas,” says Bruno. “My work is always so professional, and I enjoy the challenge of communicating with people who don’t speak the same culinary language.”




VCC Continuing Studies offers baking courses from French pastry to chocolate showpieces at a fraction of the cost of private culinary schools. 

International students at VCC are always being unique and successful!

Posted on January 9, 2020

How’s 2020 going so far?

Get inspired for the new school year by reading 2019’s most popular VCC International Students, instructors, and alumni stories.


1. VCC students rank high at WorldSkills Kazan 2019 

Two outstanding apprentices recognized for excellence on the global stage

2. Nespresso national competition finds pastry prodigies at VCC 

Six VCC baking students craft coffee-themed sweets for Nespresso Café Gourmand

3. Top Skills Canada performances launch VCC students onto the world stage 

VCC to compete in baking and culinary arts at WorldSkills 2019 in Russia


Stay up to date on what's happening in the VCC International Events webpage:






VCC Hospitality Management alumni student

Posted on February 25, 2020

Meet the inspirational VCC Hospitality Alumni student Daniel Lopez

Hospitality management provides a lot of exceptional experiences, where the students have a chance to grow their leadership career and skills, and create the most rewarding experience when they are learning about not only delivering a service but also creating the best valuable experience and memories for their guests.

Daniel Fernando Moliterno Lopez Bravo is from Brazil and graduated in April 2017 from VCC Hospitality Management Diploma. He use to work for one of the most sophisticated hotels in Vancouver - "Right after graduating from VCC in April 2017, I was promoted to Housekeeping Supervisor at Fairmont Pacific Rim and left the property in November 2018 to start a new chapter at Rosewood Hotel Georgia as a housekeeping supervisor for the PM operation."

Working in the Hospitality field in Vancouver can give you an extensive background and help you grow your Hospitality career:

"As a housekeeping supervisor at Rosewood, I was responsible for managing the assignment of the room attendants and overlook the activities of the house person and laundry attendants. The PM supervisor helps the morning team to assure room readiness for the arriving guests and make sure the quality delivered is as expected. I was also responsible for elaborating on the Turn Down assignment and the execution of it, always ensuring the quality of the operation."

Today as a customer experience manager with Air Canada, Daniel manages a team of 200 employees who are responsible for loading and unloading the bags of our valued customers in the most efficient and safe manner - "Air Canada has given me a great opportunity to showcase my abilities as a leader and also an enormous chance to learn and grow alongside our 'flag carrier'. I can only see personal and professional growth from now on due to an outstanding educational and professional background."

Daniel is proud of where he is working and all the experience he is getting, focusing on the quality of the operation quality and learning from his team as well.

VCC Tip:

Working in the hospitality industry can be rewarding. Check out these 8 inspiring videos from TED talks for Hospitality students to get the motivational boost you need to become a hospitality student and find success in the hospitality industry!

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Smaller classes and a pathway to SFU

Posted on March 24, 2015

VCC is now offering two new University Transfer certificate programs that will enable students to gain assured admission into second-year SFU applied science degree programs.

“By offering these courses, we will provide students in the Lower Mainland an opportunity to transfer seamlessly into second year at SFU,” says Dr. Andy Sellwood, department head, science, school of access, VCC.

The first-year University Transfer Engineering (SFU or UBC transfer) and Computer Science and Software Systems certificate programs provide students with the opportunity to explore options and demonstrate success at the first-year level of university studies. Students will gain transfer credits to the SFU Engineering ScienceComputing Science or Software Systems degree programs.

Join us at an upcoming info session for UT Engineering or UT Computer Science and learn more about these programs! 

VCC also offers a number of other University Transfer options throughout the year.

Welcome new and returning students to Vancouver Community College!

Posted on January 3, 2020

Where's my class?

Know where to go on your first day. Use this chart to look up your building and room number on the first day of school.

If you have questions, find one of our friendly Peer Helpers wearing a VCC T-shirt.

Student email

Get access to your myVCC student email:

  • Log in to and click the "Email" icon.
  • If it's your first time logging in, your password will be your birthday (MMDDYY).
  • Important notifications may be sent to this email address, so please check it regularly or forward your myVCC email to your personal email account.

You can also use myVCC to look up grades, order transcripts, access tax forms, and receive campus news and alerts.

Welcome Days

Welcome Days is a fun and interactive carnival meant to help new and returning students learn about life at VCC. Join us for music, games, snacks, and prizes while getting to know classmates and staff, and learning about the many on-campus services available to you.

Welcome Days will be held from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21 at the Broadway campus and Wednesday, January 22 at the Downtown campus.

Student services

VCC offers a wide range of services to help you meet your educational goals and make the most of your studies.

Student services

Eat, shop and more

VCC also offers breastfeeding rooms and prayer spaces, please check with campus security for location information.

Student SIN numbers required

Starting in the 2019 tax year, the Canada Revenue Agency requires all post-secondary institutions to collect Social Insurance Numbers in order to issue Tuition and Enrolment Certificate (T2202) tax forms.

VCC students have already begun receiving official communications by email. Please update your SIN numbers by logging into myVCC or through our secure online formLearn more >

Safe and respectful campus

VCC expects students to conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully. Please review the Student Code of Conduct policy and procedures, and learn about your rights and responsibilities.

Smoking and cannabis use

Cannabis is now legal for non-medical use in Canada. VCC is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment for our college community members, and the well-being of our students and employees is always our first priority.

VCC expects all students to be fit to perform their learning activities in a safe and respectful manner. This includes being free from the effects of any intoxicants (including cannabis) while in class, on campus, or offsite. Learn more >

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Special Fall 2019 Student Awards recap VCC International Students!

Posted on December 5, 2019

Last November 22, Vancouver Community College (VCC) was proud to celebrate over 200 deserving students at our Fall 2019 Student Awards ceremonies.

During the ceremony, VCC’s interim president Ajay Patel, along with deans, instructors, and awards donors presented a variety of scholarships to individual students from VCC’s School of Health Sciences, School of Hospitality, Food Studies and Applied Business, and School of Trades, Technology and Design, Centre for Continuing Studies, School of Instructor Education, School of Arts and Sciences, and VCC Music.

This term, 22 awards were given out to the International students from Brazil, China, Colombia, Iran, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Vietnam that are taking the Auto Collision, Auto Service, Baking & Pastry, Culinary, Fashion, Hospitality, Music, and Visual Communication VCC programs.

Fall2019 StudentAwards_grouppic

Following each ceremony, students, friends, and family members were invited to a tea reception offering the chance to celebrate alongside donors and VCC faculty and staff. 

Official photos

View the photo galleries of the Fall 2019 Student Awards ceremonies. All attendees are invited to download and share their photos. 

 Fall2019 StudentAwards_trio


Student Awards video feature

Each year, VCC Foundation selects one or more Student Award recipients to profile in a video feature. This fall, the honor went to culinary arts students Katherine Aguilar, recipient of the Santiago Cuyugan Award of Excellence; Jacqueline Guadalupe Muñoz Hererra, recipient of the International Wine & Food Society Award; and Phuong (Anne) Nguyen, recipient of the Cactus Club Café Above and Beyond Award.




Did you know? In honor of #GivingTuesday, VCC Foundation has committed to match the first $20,000 in new donations between Tuesday, Nov. 19 and Tuesday, Dec. 31, 2019. LEARN MORE >






VCC International students claim bronze in international Cantonese food championship

Posted on December 20, 2019

Last month in Macau, elite chefs from more than 40 countries faced off at the 2019 World Master Chefs Competition for Cantonese Cuisine (WMCCCC). Among the culinary professionals were two graduates of Vancouver Community College’s (VCC) Asian culinary arts program — who not only competed but also earned bronze in the dim sum category.

“I think it was their passion, patience, and creativity,” says Barry Tsang, VCC’s Asian culinary arts department head, who handpicked Yuanyin (Doris) Lau and Simin (Joey) Zhou for the competition. “I saw their performance in class and I knew they’d do well.” 

Lau and Zhou spent six weeks designing, testing, practicing, and perfecting a secret dim sum (steamed dumpling) recipe. What they unveiled at WMCCCC was a dessert with a transparent dough in the shape of a sea lion with a purple yam and sesame paste stuffing. The creation brought forth both international students’ strengths, as Lau had experience in baking and pastry arts and Zhou received professional dim sum training in Mainland China. 

“They also had the foundation they got from the Asian culinary arts program and they were able to use that because in the program we make everything from scratch, including our own dim sum wrappers and filling,” says Tsang. 

This isn’t VCC’s first win at WMCCCC. In 2017, 19-year-old VCC alumnus Tristan Toderan and partner Dylan Viray claimed silver in the entrée category. The wins, says Tsang, are a testament to the Asian culinary arts program’s long history of preparing students for the real world. In fact, in 2020, the offering will celebrate its 45th anniversary — making it the longest running full-time program of its kind in North America, according to Tsang.

“This program started in 1975 and the fact that we continue to have students every single intake tells me we are doing something right,” says Tsang. “During the five months, students spend a lot of time in the kitchen learning to prepare 150 dishes from places like China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. That prepares them to work in any Asian restaurant.”

See more photos from the 2019 World Master Chefs Competition for Cantonese Cuisine.





The College will be closed for the period of Tuesday, December 24, 2019 to Wednesday, January 1, 2020. The College will re-open on Thursday, January 2, 2020. 

VCC welcomes new international students to join the Winter term (January 2020) for the Orientation Days on January 2, 3 & 6, 2020.






VCC's Asian culinary course deliciously unique

Posted on February 9, 2016

News-Asian-culinary-arts-380For the past 41 years, students at North America’s only Asian Culinary Arts program have been learning the techniques of cooking Cantonese cuisine with additional lessons in Mandarin and Szechuan cooking, dim sum and barbecue. However, as the Lower Mainland’s population and industry demand have evolved, so has the programming at the Vancouver Community College (VCC) offering.

“In 1975, there weren’t many Chinese restaurants and the ones that were around had a hard time hiring people, so VCC wanted to train local people who were originally from China and Hong Kong so they could earn a living,” explains Barry Tsang, himself a former student of the program and the head of VCC’s Asian culinary arts department. “Now, the students are from all over the world and Vancouver’s restaurant scene changed so we expanded to include more Southeast Asian countries.”

And while the full-time, 20-week offering covers theory and practical training in the classroom and in a fully equipped commercial kitchen, which operates in conjunction with a cafeteria open to the public, it isn’t only for those looking to launch a culinary career, says Tsang.

“All the recipes we taught used to be commercial so they couldn’t be made at home but now we include recipes students can make at home,” he says. “So, some of our students are just looking to learn new skills they can enjoy with their family and friends. But all of those who apply need to have a passion and love cooking.”

During their time in the certificate program, students learn to prepare and cook meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables using cooking methods such as stirfrying, pan-frying, deep-frying, broiling, braising and steaming. Also covered are food safety and sanitation standards as well as the business side of restaurant operations, including food purchasing, and inventory procedures.

“After two or three months, I can really see confidence building up in students and see they are becoming professionals,” says Tsang. “When they finish here, students should be able to work in restaurants that specialize in Chinese cuisine.”

VCC’s Asian Culinary Arts program has two intakes per year, one in February and the other in September.


Original article published in Metro Vancouver.

Special Immigration Canada Presentation to VCC International Students!

Posted on March 1, 2019

Representatives from Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada and the BC Provincial Nominee Program will give a joint presentation to VCC international students. Come and learn about your study, work and immigration options!  See the IRCC BC PNP presentation poster for more details.


Date: Thursday, March 28, 2019

Time: 2:00 to 4:00pm

Location: Room 112, Downtown campus

Details: No need to register.  VCC student ID required to check in from 1:45. Must arrive on time. Space is limited.


  • learn about the provincial and federal immigration pathways to B.C.
  • hear an update on provincial immigration priorities
  • get detailed information about the federal Express Entry system and how it works
  • gain a practical understanding of the new BC PNP Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) including how the Points system relates to invitations to apply
  • speak directly with staff from IRCC and BC PNP

Women’s work: meet the new generation in automotive trades

Posted on May 11, 2018

On their first day of school in Vancouver Community College’s (VCC) automotive refinishing technician program, Meghan Kelsi, Aleah Simensen, Lydia Terry, Jolene Orr, and Jessica Jensen (pictured, left to right) each fully expected to be the only woman in the room.

Instead, there were five. “It was weird, all these women just kept funneling in!” says Jolene, 23, who came to VCC for her apprenticeship training, after already earning an auto body certificate from a private facility.

“I walked in and was like, yeah ladies!” says Aleah, 19, who already had five years' experiece working in a friend's auto body shop, and always knew this career was for her.

While this cohort may seem unique today (women represent only 4.5 per cent of Canada’s trades workforce), many colleges, government bodies, and industries are hoping to radically increase the number of women in trades in the near future.

One recent effort by the B.C. government is its Women in Trades labour market project, through which it worked with industry partners to identify barriers like bullying and harassment that prevent women from entering or staying in trades careers. It also offers solutions for improving workplace culture and increasing mentorship opportunities. 

Do women already succeeding in trades think such initiatives are needed? VCC’s auto refinishing techs say yes.

Talking shop

Meghan, 24, started automotive trades training while still in high school and graduated at the top of her class. She was nearly finished her third year of an automotive service technician apprenticeship when she decided her work environment was simply too hostile and switched into refinishing. “It’s easy to get jobs, but getting taken seriously and treated humanely—that’s a different story,” she says. 

Regarding the government project, Meghan believes it’s something that should have been done 50 years ago, but is glad it's happening now. The others agree, each sharing workplace stories ranging from getting ignored or stared at inappropriatel to being outright told that she belongs ‘in the kitchen.’

Lydia, 18, admits to having her work scrutinized more often than she’d like, but wonders if her age may invite more criticism than her gender. “I’m inexperienced, fresh out of high school,” she says. “I really don’t like to think it’s because I’m a girl.”

None of these issues is clear-cut, and women debate amongst themselves as well. How much of it is only generational? When exactly does joking around cross the line? Would a gay man have the same problems?

A new road

The women do agree that the work environment in trades can be tough for anyone. “You have to have a pretty thick skin, whether you’re a woman or a man. It’s how the trades are,” says Aleah.

It’s how they are now, anyway, and these women are prepared for it, but they also see change on the horizon. With a younger generation gradually taking over, they’re already noticing more acceptance and respect in the shop, and it’s at VCC where they see it most of all.

“I was extremely nervous to come here after what I’d been through,” says Meghan, “but they’re so good.”

At VCC, these five women say they’re treated like any other student, even regarded for their previous industry experience. They’ve had instructors support them in the classroom, intercede for them in the workplace, and they've made lifelong friends.

Above all, they love what they do. Refinishing and painting are highly suited to individuals who are aesthetically minded, creative, and detail-oriented. Many of these women's hobbies include makeup, drawing, or painting—all of which translated extremely well into the trade.

For all their experiences, these women would also still recommend an automotive refinishing career to any girl who was interested. Their advice is to start early, take advantage of high school programs where possible, talk to other women in trades, and stand up for yourself in general.

“If you’re unhappy and you don’t wake up every day excited to go to work, don’t go!” says Aleah.

“Yeah make a change,” says Meghan. “Your toolbox has wheels on it for a reason.”

VCC wins big at Skills Canada BC 2018 provincials

Posted on May 9, 2018

We are proud to announce that students from Vancouver Community College (VCC) and associated high schools earned 18 medals in the Skills Canada BC 2018 provincial competition held in Abbotsford on Wednesday, April 18.

VCC’s medallists emerged as top-skilled competitors in the areas of baking, culinary arts, hairdressing, esthetics, automotive service, automotive collision repair, and car painting. Congratulations especially to our VCC competitors who swept the podiums in baking (post-secondary) and car painting (secondary).

According to VCC Baking instructor Kimberly Tada, the secret to success is being fully prepared. "Our students were successful because of the level of commitment and dedication they demonstrated while practicing for this event. The support of the college, instructors, and instructional assistants to make the weekly practices possible was also a key ingredient." 

A total of 35 students represented VCC and its Youth Train in Trades programs at this provincial competition where more than 600 competitors demonstrated skilled trades for industry judges and a live audience. 

See the photo album and share in the celebration using the hashtags #myVCC and #SkillsBC.

Baking – post-secondary 
Clarissa Roque (@roqueclarissa) – GOLD
Kayla Wenzek (@kayla_vancity) – SILVER
Angela Wu (@tinypatissiere) – BRONZE

Baking – secondary 
Queenie Li – GOLD

Culinary arts – post-secondary
Leah Patitucci (@leah_patitucci) – GOLD

Culinary arts – secondary
Carmen-Rosa Bilodeau – GOLD

Hairdressing – post-secondary
Tanya Gatus – BRONZE

Hairdressing – secondary
Hanna Croswell – SILVER
Kayla Raymond – BRONZE

Esthetics – post-secondary
Alesha Johal – GOLD
Audrey Telek – SILVER

Automotive service – secondary
Mary Joy Siscar – SILVER

Automotive collision repair – post-secondary
Jason Sherle – GOLD

Automotive collision repair – secondary
Patrick Bucu – GOLD
Hajrudin Dzebic – SILVER

Car painting – secondary
Anthony Harrington – GOLD
Aaron Tagaca – SILVER
Rabin Rosario – BRONZE

International Education Office - New Office Hours

VCC International Education Office is open on Monday to Friday, between 9:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., except for holidays and college closures.

VCC's Culinary Arts Wins again at Health Chef Competition

Posted on April 17, 2015

Get skilled in Culinary ESL.

‌International students in Culinary Arts Diploma participated in the 2015 Healthy Chef competition in March 2015. VCC Team won the Healthy Plate Category and People’s Choice Award. For detail about this success story, visit the website of British Columbia Chef's Association.

Student T2202A tax forms available online

Posted on February 28, 2017

Student tax forms (T2202A forms) are now available online. To access your tax receipt, go to myVCC login

Enter your Student ID.  Enter your password.  Then click on Login.  For first time users your initial password has been set to your birth date in the format MMDDYY.  For example, if your birth date is January 25, 1975, your password would be 012575.  If you have previously logged into the system you will have set up your own password.  If you have  forgotten your password click on "Reset password"

myVCC reset password

If you need help accessing your tax receipt, please follow the steps described in the T2202A Frequently Asked Questions document. If you have any questions about your tax form please email with your question and student ID or call 604.871.7000, ext. 7002.

New international students received a warm welcome!

Posted on October 2, 2015

‌VCC welcomes new international students to join the Fall 2015 term.

‌New international students participated in orientation on either September 2 or 3, depending on their programs. Students received information about people and resources available to them at VCC and in Vancouver. Topics included: cultural adjustment, important immigration documents, VCC services and support, staying safe and healthy, and Campus tours were led by returning VCC international student volunteers.

Check out our September 2015 Orientation pictures!



Celebrating student success

Posted on June 16, 2017

Twice a year, Vancouver Community College (VCC) holds student awards ceremonies recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of talented and deserving students enrolled in the vast range of programs offered at VCC.

On Friday, June 9, the spring awards ceremony took place at VCC’s Broadway campus where the VCC Foundation awarded in excess of $138,000 in scholarships and awards. VCC’s scholarships and awards are established to recognize academic excellence and to acknowledge students who demonstrate leadership in the classroom or in their community. These awards help encourage and support students in their journey to academic and career success.

Among the award receipients, 18 of them are international students enrolled in the following programs:

  • Asian Culinary Certificate
  • Automotive Collision & Refinishing Diploma
  • Automotive Service Technology Diploma
  • Baking & Pastry Certificates
  • Deaf and Hard of Hearing Studies
  • Dental Assisting Certificate
  • Dental Hygiene Diploma
  • Hair Design Certificate
  • Hospitality Management Diploma
  • Jewellery Art & Design Diploma


With many donor representatives in attendance, the awards ceremonies provide a special opportunity for donors to directly connect with the recipients of their awards and the chance for students—and VCC—to thank their donors in person.

Visit the VCC Flickr site to view photos from the spring student awards ceremony.

fall 2016 awards ceremony mobile

A Fresh Start

Posted on May 17, 2012

"At VCC, I learned to speak English and how to become a professional baker. Now, I own my own bakery. VCC helped me achieve my dreams." Ray Wei, graduate, ESL baking and pastry arts.

Vancouver Community College graduate Ray Wei might not get a lot of shut eye these days but his dreams are certainly coming true.

Upon arriving in Canada from China -- where he worked as a sales executive with Nestlé -- Wei embarked on a new journey to learn to English as a second language and a new skill: professional baking.  After graduating from VCC's full-time ESL baking and pastry arts program, he found work in local hotels and restaurants and about a year later, purchased his own bakery.

On his experience at VCC; learning English and how to become a professional baker:

“The relevance and usability of the program is very strong. It's job-oriented but also takes into account development of your personal interests. VCC helped with my communication skills and opened doors for me.”

“My dream of beginning a new life as an immigrant has turned into a very hard job, but I love it. I wake up at 4 a.m. every day and work over 10 hours a day. Sometimes I feel physically and mentally exhausted and want to give up. But then I think about my VCC teachers and the support they gave me. It keeps me going as well as my love for the industry and my two employees, who are also VCC baking graduates.”


Baking & Pastry Arts - Artisan Baking and Pastry for International Students

VCC fashion program redesigned for industry success

Posted on August 12, 2016

‌‌VCC's fashion program is undergoing a transformation. In an effort to meet the needs of the fashion industry and to ensure VCC students continue to be the most sought after graduates – we have made significant changes to reflect the industry’s goal of ‘selling apparel’.

The past model of learning the skills, producing a collection, and showcasing it on the runway has been altered to become more in alignment with what many of the major apparel brands in Vancouver want. Lululemon, MEC, Aritzia, Plum, and Arcteryx, for instance, don’t exhibit fashion shows.

VCC’s newly named Fashion Design & Production Diploma is a two-year diploma program that puts fundamental skills into immediate context through a series of fashion cycles that allow students to experience a fast-paced production process including: design, drafting, construction, marketing and sales. The cycles grow in complexity while offering students a range of sales experience including, ecommerce, consignment, and custom design.

Second-year students further their skills while completing a self-directed garment project. This is what VCC’s fashion programs have been known for and where student’s creativity shines through in their collections, ranging from bridal to children’s wear, swimsuits to ready to wear, and everything in between.

Rather than the traditional fashion show, the goal is now to provide the tools to pursue entrepreneurship through business planning, web design, ecommerce, and marketing courses. Or, for students choosing a career in the apparel sector there are courses in overseas production, Gerber CAD, Illustrator, and grading. An integrated practicum gives graduates real-life experience and a solid foundation for their professional network.

Outstanding value at The Chef’s Table pop-up restaurant

Posted on April 28, 2016

News-VIA-Chefs-Table-380As published in Vancouver Is Awesome

Vancouver Community College is once again holding their popular pop-up restaurant, “The Chef’s Table” led by Executive Chef Hamid Salimian and the International Culinary Arts students. Located at the downtown campus at 250 West Pender Street (at Cambie Street), the Chef’s Table, features a five course prix fixe dinner for $30.00 or $45.00 with local BC wine pairings. By reservation only, the pop-up restaurant is open Tuesdays to Fridays and runs until June 30th, 2016.

One of VCC’s most famous culinary alumni and now instructor, Hamid Salimian has racked up some serious awards and accolades including the Georgia Straight’s “Best Chef in the City” in 2012 when he was the Executive Chef at Diva at the Met. He has represented Canada on the international stage at the world’s most prestigious culinary competitions including the the World Culinary Cup and World Culinary Olympics and taken home gold. The VCC pop-up restaurant allows guests to see chef Hamid and the international culinary students in action as they prepare each course at the plating station located at the front of the restaurant.

Hurry - these popular dinners quickly sell-out as nightly seating is limited to a maximum of 22 guests. The menu changes every two weeks and many loyal patrons return to experience new dishes and wine pairings. Vegetarians take note the last two weeks of the pop-up restaurant showcases five vegan dishes.

The current menu features Tuna Cannelloni with Side Stripe Prawns, Grilled Octopus, Foie Gras & Duck Confit, Roasted Beef Striploin and concludes with heavenly White Chocolate and Strawberries. Excellent local wine pairings for this menu feature Fern Walk Sauvignon BlancGanton & Larsen Chardonnay, Sumac Ridge Reserve Pinot NoirRed Rooster Hen House Ruffled and Grey Monk Odyssey Brut Rose.
Simply a must eat!

The Chef’s Table at Vancouver Community College

Downtown Campus - 250 West Pender Street
Four Corners Restaurant - 3rd Floor
6:30 p.m. seating
5 courses $30.00 plus taxes and gratuities.
5 courses with BC Wine pairings. $45.00 plus taxes and gratuities.

Reserve by EMAIL:

The Chef’s Table pop-up kitchen comes to VCC Broadway

Posted on October 15, 2015


‌VCC’s International Culinary Arts students are recreating the Chef’s Table at VCC’s Broadway campus!‌

This pop-up style restaurant is located at VCC’s Broadway campus in the Quizine Kitchen. Patrons will be seated at a communal dining table while VCC’s International Culinary Arts students create a five-course set menu before their eyes.

Make your reservations today!


Dates: October 20 – December 18, 2015
Time: Tuesday to Friday, 6:30 p.m. seating
Cost: $30 set menu, $45 with wine pairings
Location: Quizine Kitchen entrance on Glen Dr. at E. 8th Ave.




Celeriac soup, 63Cegg, pork belly

Sturgeon, chorizo, fennel, saffron

Chicken liver Foie gras parfait, pickled winter vegetables,  brioche

Beef striploin, potato pave, red wine cabbage, natural jus

Chocolates rocks, chocolate sorbet, vanilla pudding 

Volunteer Opportunity for VCC International Students

Posted on April 10, 2015

Join VCC International Education as a volunteer to welcome new students!


What it’s about

On Wednesday, September 2 and Thursday, September 3 VCC International will be hosting orientations for new international students in our career programs. Each orientation will be run from (9:00am-12:30pm) and will take place at the Downtown Campus.

VCC International staff will be leading the orientations, but having returning international student involvement makes all the difference. After all, who better to learn from about the VCC student experience than from current international students!

What we are looking for

All volunteers are enthusiastic, outgoing international students who are currently in a VCC career programs.

What volunteers will do

Volunteers will assist with the check in and greeting process, lead campus tours and be available to answer questions about their program and experiences at VCC.

All volunteers must commit to a 1.5 hour training session and be available for at least one of the orientations (i.e. from 8:30am to approximately 12:45pm on either Wednesday, September 2 and/or Thursday, September 3).

What the benefits are

Volunteering has many benefits. Volunteers:

  • feel great about helping others,
  • enjoy meeting new people,
  • develop new skills through training,
  • learn even more about VCC,
  • receive a reference letter from VCC International Education (for volunteers who contribute a minimum of 9 hours of their time - i.e. are involved in the two orientations and training)

Are you ready?

We ask that all interested students complete an application so that we can meet and discuss your areas of interest and availability.

Fill in the ‘VCC International Education: International Student Orientation Volunteer Application’ form  and email it to or drop it off to the VCC International Education Office (Room 100, Downtown Campus, Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm).

Automotive Sector: Many Job Opportunities

Posted on April 24, 2015

There are many job opoprtunities in the automotive sector in B.C.!

More automotive technicians are needed in the automotive sector in B.C. Jason Devisser, VCC’s Department Head of Automotive Service Technology Diploma, stated in an interview with Vancouver Sun that "Employment prospects right now are unbelievable. I have companies calling me all the time looking either for apprentices or different levels of technicians."


Two 2-year auto trades diplomas available for international students at VCC:

Automotive Service Technology Diploma: offered in January and September

Automotive Collision & Refinishing Diploma: offered in January


The auto trades diplomas are filling up quickly!

Contact VCC International Education Office to get more information, and apply while program seats last!

Q&A with John Martinolich: Making it in auto collision repair

Posted on April 21, 2015

auto collision, news, john martinolich, 380x293, instructor, success storyJohn Martinolich started out fixing cars as a teenage hobby, but it wasn’t long before he made this high-demand trade his profession. Now an instructor at VCC, John was kind enough to answer a few questions about his career:

Why did you choose to study at VCC?

I did a work experience at VCC when I was in high school and enjoyed it. I took the course so I could repair cars as a hobby, but I ended up enjoying it so much, I left my other job and stayed with it. That was 17 years ago.

What do you love about working in the auto collision repair and auto refinishing industry?

I really enjoy working with emerging technologies. Although it’s a really physical job, it requires mechanical aptitude, attention to detail and problem solving skills. I also really enjoy payday—I’ve averaged $98,000/year over the last five years!

Would you recommend the program to others looking for a new career?

Absolutely. I was hired before my course was even completed. Today, the industry is in need of skilled technicians. It’s a well-paying, high-demand trade.

Why did you decide to teach?

I liked helping people at work and training apprentices.


Do you have a passion for technology and the drive to succeed in a rewarding career? Learn more about the industry-respected Automotive Collision & Refinishing Diploma program at VCCContact our office to get more information about how to apply to the program and jumpstart your career.

Five reasons to choose hospitality management at VCC

Posted on April 9, 2015

Five reasons to choose hospitality management at VCC


As a leader in hospitality management training in B.C., VCC strives to meet employer demands and respond to industry trends. We are proud to deliver a new and revitalized curriculum – built on our reputable programs and driven by industry experts.

Here are the top five reasons our graduates recommend our diploma and degree programs:‌

Grads get jobs
“Getting a job in the industry after graduation was never a concern when being affiliated with VCC.”
– Amanda

Strong reputation
“I chose VCC because it’s in the heart of hospitality in Vancouver and has a fantastic reputation. The course load is relevant and the instructors are industry professionals.”
– Caitlin

Industry connections
“VCC’s program was a conversation point as employers knew many of the instructors from within the industry.”
– Bernie

Industry-relevant curriculum
“The program continues to be relevant and practical. VCC instructors are industry experts who provide knowledge and insight to future employees.”
– Kristina

“VCC was an excellent investment in my future – from valuable life lessons and a well-rounded education, to networking and job preparation.”
– Brock

Apply now while seats last!

Top five reasons to get an Administrative Assistant certificate

Posted on April 8, 2015


Administrative assistants do a lot. With tasks ranging from communications to data management to financial recordkeeping, this position is the heartbeat of every office in virtually every industry—it’s no wonder they’re in demand. Here are the top five reasons to earn your Administrative Assistant Certificate at VCC:

  1. WorkBC forecasts over 21,000 administrative assistant jobs to open in the next seven years.

  2. You can choose your industry. From big business to charities to government offices—administrative assistants are always part of the team.

  3. Every VCC student completes a two-week practicum experience with a local business.

  4. VCC grads get jobs—85 per cent of our students are hired within a few months of program completion.

  5. International students are eligible to work part-time during the program, and qualify for a Post-Graduation Work Permit after graduation.

Loving my job

Posted on March 6, 2013

I'm Caleb Lee and this is my success story.

A few years after graduating from UBC, I decided to go back to school to learn how to teach English to speakers of other languages. And since graduating from VCC’s TESOL certificate program, it has been a rollercoaster ride from one event to the next. I started pounding the pavement as soon as I finished college and got hired on the spot at a local international school. I also got a few substitute teaching jobs at a number of different schools and learned more about teaching some of the finer points of English.

I also started picking up volunteer experience, helping out at conversation clubs for immigrant students and soon started volunteering at the Immigrant Services Society of BC (ISSofBC), where I helped out as a teaching assistant. Through my contacts there, I was able to get hired as a substitute instructor before applying for a regular position. Now, I teach a full-time ELSA for the Workplace course in the evenings.

Finding a job and place that you’re happy with isn’t easy in any profession, but with the right contacts and a love of the job, the world could be your oyster! Everything came together for me because I was available, the job suited me perfectly, and I was introduced to the right people.


Click the links below for more information about the TESOL programs available for international students:


Caleb Lee - from an ESL student to a full-time ELSA teacher

VCC announces national scholarship winner

Posted on December 16, 2014

VCC is pleased to announce that second year Jewellery Art & Design Diploma student, Fiona Maclean, has been awarded the 2014 Vaccaro Family Scholarship. The $3,000 scholarship is the premier scholarship prize for jewellery design students across Canada; one that many students use to kick-start their career. 


(Left to right): CJEXPOS owner Phil Payne, Fiona Maclean, and Giovanni Vaccaro, owner of Beverly Hills Jewellers at the gala ball on Nov. 22; the award winning sterling silver and 18-karat rose gold bridal hairpiece. (Photos courtesy of Beverly Hills Jewellers)

The stunning bridal headpiece that was designed as homage to 1920’s lace patterns was submitted to the competition when Maclean was still a first-year student at VCC.  Maclean found out that not only had she won the prestigious scholarship, but would also be sent to Toronto, expenses paid, to attend the gala dinner. An event that Maclean says was quite overwhelming.

“The guest list was a who’s who of the jewellery industry and media. I was introduced to jewelers, manufacturers and faculty from other schools. Everyone was encouraging and gracious.”

Maclean will use the scholarship money to pay for the gemmology certification program at VCC, which she attends in the evenings while in her second year of the jewellery art & design diploma program. Maclean says she chose to study her passion at VCC because of the program’s strong reputation in the industry. The quality of instruction she has received was an added bonus.

When asked if she had any words of advice for those wanting to explore education in jewellery art & design, Maclean says, “work hard, get obsessed and use your imagination”. This certainly worked for her.

Open House for International Students

Posted on September 29, 2014

Open House for VCC's International Students


International students celebrated with the International Education Team at the Open House on September 18. 

Congratulations to our door prize winners:  Ajay, Dana, Edison, Hyeon Seok, Kayla, Kayo, Maninder, Mingjun, Satpal, Sharon, and Yi!

New international students received a warm welcome!

Posted on September 2, 2014

‌VCC welcomes new international students to join the Fall 2014 term.



New international students participated in orientation on either August 28 or 29, depending on their programs. Students received information about people and resources available to them at VCC and in Vancouver. Topics included: cultural adjustment, important immigration documents, VCC services and support, staying safe and healthy, and Campus tours were led by returning VCC international student volunteers.


Check out our Fall 2014 Orientation Photos!

Office closed for one day, on September 9, 2014

Posted on August 25, 2014


VCC International Education Office will be moving back to Room 100 on September 9, 2014.

During this move, our staff will be checking email and phone messages, but please expect some delay in our responses. For urgent inquiries, please call 604-871-7000 and ask to speak to the International Education Office.

Top five reasons to enroll in Culinary Arts ESL at VCC

Posted on July 21, 2014

Get skilled in Culinary ESL.


Top chefs get their start at VCC. Train with the best instructors while advancing your English language skills. Here are the top five reasons to come to VCC:

  1. Learn English while you train to become a professional cook

  2. Produce real products to be sold in the VCC cafeteria and Seiffert Market. Receive hands-on training and learn to work with professional kitchen equipment.

  3. Gain industry experience on culinary practicum at top restaurants and hotels. Instructors work with industry partners to ensure student success.

  4. VCC graduates are in demand and are hired by all the leaders in the hospitality field -- 85% of our students are hired during or a few months after program completion.

  5. International students may be eligible to apply for Post Graduation Work Permit for up to 10 months after successfully completing this program


Contact us to get more information at

Fashion designer wins Outstanding Alumni Award 2013

Posted on February 19, 2014

VCC fashion graduate, Anna Kosturova, wins VCC's Outstanding Alumni Award 2013 in the category of Career Excellence & Leadership. Innovator and entrepeneur, Anna runs a highly-successful swimwear line featured in movies and on Sports Illustrated covers. It is her spirit and the willingness to never give up that has put her at the top of her field and why VCC honours her.





VCC Alumna wins Grammy!

Posted on January 27, 2014

VCC alumna Jennifer Gasoi has won a Grammy Award in the category of best children's album for her sophomore release, Throw a Penny in the Wishing Well. After studying voice at VCC in 1997, Jennifer went on to perform at the 1999, 2000, and 2001 Vancouver Jazz Festivals before moving to Montreal in 2002. Ever since, her charming heart-felt style has been winning over audiences of both kids and adults alike. Congratulations Jennifer!

Watch a video of Jennifer performing the title track.


Jennifer Gassoi


VCC students earn 20 medals in skilled trades competition

Posted on April 18, 2013


Paint us proud!

Vancouver Community College students earned 20 medals at the annual B.C. Skills Competition in Abbotsford on April 17: eight gold, seven silver and five bronze.

All the gold medallists will represent B.C. at the Skills Canada national competition at BC Place in June. They will compete against college and high school students from across the country.

VCC's 2013 B.C. Skills winners:

Architectural CAD (drafting)
Gold: Meghan McDonell, VCC via Vancouver

Automotive collision repair
Silver: Steven Dardengo, VCC via Victoria
Bronze: Philip Laffin, VCC via Nanaimo

High school automotive collision repair
Gold: Kurtis Gordey, A L Fortune Secondary, Enderby
Silver: Cesar Busine, Sir Charles Tupper Secondary, Vancouver
Bronze: Kyle Steven, Mark R. Isfeld Senior Secondary, Courtenay

Automotive service technician
Gold: Keith Stonehouse, VCC via Chilliwack

High school auto refinishing
Gold: Adam Sliacky, South Delta Secondary
Silver: Brenden Papps, Moscrop Secondary, Burnaby
Bronze: Donald Urquhart, Panorama Ridge Secondary, Surrey

Culinary arts
Bronze: Lyndsay Jones, VCC

Gold: Georgine Chung, VCC
Silver: Kate Lo, VCC

High school baking
Silver: Crystal Tan, Lord Byng Secondary, Vancouver

Hair design
Gold: Michelle Macasling, VCC
Silver: Katy Au, VCC via Richmond

High school hair design
Gold: Rachelle Garcia, Samuel Robertson Secondary, Maple Ridge

Gold: Ashlie Mackie, VCC via Vancouver
Silver: Eun ju Oh, VCC via Coquitlam
Bronze: Linda Dooley, VCC via Delta

VCC partners with several high schools in Metro Vancouver to offer trades training at the post-secondary level. By the time a student graduates from high school, they are skilled and ready to enter the workforce or able to continue their studies in college.