Posted on February 28, 2021

VCC Graphic Design student's online learning experience

Immanuel Villacorte is a student currently enrolled in VCC's Graphic Design Diploma. Immanuel is energetic and enthusiastic in plants, and loves to share how he manages to keep inspired while studying virtually.



In a Q & A format, Immanuel shared his VCC learning experience during the pandemic.


How are you finding the experience of studying from home?

I never really pictured myself taking this program 6,500 miles away from Vancouver, at home in the Philippines. But 2020 has been a strange year, and I decided to just go for it. Studying online has been a surreal experience so far and I can’t say it’s all good, but I do like how I can manage my time despite the drastic time difference.


Do you have a morning routine to get inspired before starting your classes? 

To remain inspired, creative, and productive, I always take the time to work out regularly and strike a balance between school, work, and exercise. I discovered this routine to be an effective way of lessening the likelihood of stress, anxiety, and procrastination. When we place prime importance on our well-being, I find that life becomes more enjoyable no matter the circumstances we’re in.


How are you keeping in touch with your classmates and instructors virtually?

My instructors in the Graphic Design Diploma program have all done an excellent job at delivering classes online, making it as immersive and adequately challenging as possible. Schoolwork has been my outlet for creative expression. Our class also gets along so well. I love how we connect to each other and form friendships even though most of us have not met in person yet. It’s a beautiful thing.



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