Posted on October 15, 2021

VCC Baking and Pastry learning experience

My Tien Truong (Tina) recently graduated from VCC’s Baking and Pastry Dual Certificates in Winter 2021. Check out what Tina has to say about her experiences.


What do you like most about studying at VCC?

VCC is like my second home, where I’ve met wonderful people who teach me to become a better version of myself and guide me to the right path for my future career. I can’t thank enough all of my instructors - Laurie Vestergaard, Wolfgang Dauke, Lisa Wagner, Alan Dobko, Betty Chubey, and all of the baking assistants at VCC. I feel grateful for all of their works, efforts, and comments. Even though we had been through a very tough year as classes were delivered online due to COVID-19, VCC did their best to help us back to the lab and finish our last semester.


( Starry Night Chocolate Box )


What is the most creative project you’ve ever done?

I love the Plated Dessert Course and Chocolatier Course in the Baking program. There is more room to create and present our artistic designs on the plate. One of my most creative items is the “Cococado Dessert.” It is basically coconut ice-cream and avocado smoothie, but what makes this special is that condensed milk is added to the ice cream.  I get inspired by a Vietnamese dessert back home called Kem Bơ. My instructor was very impressed when she tried my Cococado as it was the first time she tried avocado in a sweet dessert. Besides, VCC is a good place for people who want to “be bold”, and experience new things.


(Coconut Icecream and Avocado Smoothie )


How do you contribute to your classes and help your classmates?

In baking, I think we mostly learn from each other, mutually learn from one another, and share techniques and even mistakes. It is very important to work as a team and support each other in the lab. This is also a reason why we consider and treat others as a part of our family.


(Italian Macaron)


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