Posted on September 23, 2020

VCC Auto Collision and Refinishing student's online learning experience


As part of VCC's Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma program, students write weekly journal to reflect on their learning progress. Read the journal written by Chirag Mansuri, a VCC international student who started in this program in Fall 2020, where he shares his thoughts and experiences about his learning journey at VCC.



'I am writing this article to just indicate basic fundamental of getting help from international college for students who study in foreign territories. 

As an international student I was so worried about studying abroad, because I was going to start from scratch in a new country where I never been before, and on other hand the environment as well as the culture was going to be completely new and unique for me. As far as studying abroad is concerned, it is so challenging for international students. New environment and culture bring a lot of effects on learning abroad as compared to studying native place. But there are many colleges overseas who offer assistance in order to provide a variety of support to the students such as getting to know you local culture, housing, counselling services, medical services, employment programs, tutoring in academic skills and career help etc. Vancouver community college is one of those colleges where students can get access to these services. Students get to know many things along with their specific curriculum. Instructors and other college staff are so well educated, trained and friendly to everyone, especially to the international students who might be feeling alone studying abroad.

Students come with many confusions and doubt to study abroad but eventually due to excellent help from college like VCC, the students settle and melt themselves quickly in the new country and culture. VCC education is quite accessible for each student who studies there, it helps them to begin to reach their personal goals in their career with flexibility of their education system and professional training. After training the students, they give opportunities to international students to work on campus to deal with other new international students. By doing so they gain a good experience to work for other employers or so.

In summary, learning at Vancouver Community College is so smart, efficient, handy and skillful for students as regards to reaching their career objectives for future perspectives.' 


VCC's Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma is offered three times a year. Apply soon while applications are accepted!