Posted on August 5, 2020

Turn your enthusiasm for music into a career at VCC

Originally published on the Georgia Straight

Imagine getting paid to do something that you love. How exciting would it feel to work every day as a musician, music teacher, or composer?

At Vancouver Community College (VCC) students are given the opportunity to turn their passion for music into a successful career.

This fall, the music department at VCC will deliver programming through a mix of in-person and online learning via Zoom and Moodle. Due to COVID-19, VCC has had to temporarily modify the ensembles, masterclasses, and rehearsals that typically take place at the Broadway campus to ensure the safety of students.

“VCC Music is a uniquely broad program, deeply exploring many ways of making music across all genres, styles, and time periods,” says Laurence Mollerup, music department leader at VCC. The industry-leading department was created in 1975.

Potential students can hone their skills and learn about the industry through three different programs offered at VCC.

The Bachelor in Applied Music is a two-year program with training that includes: advanced compositional techniques, solo and ensemble performance craft, music history and theory, improvisation, ear-training, and other skills. Graduates from this full-time program will also gain great insights into developing repertoire, supporting their career goals, marketing, copyright law, conducting, and much more. Many VCC graduates have gone on to study at notable universities all over the world.

Anyone looking to launch their own career in music should seriously consider enrolling in VCC’s two-year Diploma in Music program. Students can specialize in any genre including jazz, rock, contemporary, classical, and electronic music. Within the full-time program, students will study rehearsal methods, composition, instrumental and vocal technique, self-promotion and marketing, solo and ensemble performance psychology, ethnomusicology, orchestration, and more.

“We offer real-world training with specialized classes led by highly credentialed, award-winning professional musicians, composers, conductors, scholars, and educators,” says Mollerup.


Hone your skills in the music genre of your choice. Learn about the music program by attending an information session online.