Posted on August 25, 2020

VCC alumni students share their successful career stories


Our alumni student Kayla from Jewellery Art and Design Diploma


After graduating from VCC's Jewellery Art and Design Diploma, Kayla Guo has worked hard to establish herself as a jewellery designer, build connections with clients and colleagues, and accumulate an impressive array of design experiences.

Kayla's journey in the jewellery design industry started at Artina’s Jewellery shop, where she learned extensively about handcrafted jewellery from over a hundred of some of Canada’s most acclaimed artists. Kayla particularly enjoyed discovering the stories about the pieces crafted by indigenous West Coast carvers. While working at Artina’s, Kayla picked up a second job at MJ Jewellers, a prestigious and well-regarded custom design jewellery store specializing in high-end handmade jewellery for over 30 years. It was at MJ Jewellers that Kayla was able to really start exploring her creativity and fulfilling her dream of becoming a jewellery designer. She soon moved into a full-time position at MJ Jewellers, and is still working there today.

Kayla works with goldsmiths, stone setters, and suppliers, but finds it most rewarding to work closely with clients to bring their design ideas to life. Over the past two years, Kayla has been responsible for some truly inspirational jewellery designs, including: a 20 Karat sapphire bangle appraised at approximately $250,000; a unique moonstone, sapphire, and diamond pendant in the shape of a jellyfish; a redesigned frame for a heritage shell cameo. It is, however, the sentimental designs that resonate with Kayla the most. Kayla will never forget the experience of designing a heart-shaped pendant for a client whose son had past away.

Kayla looks forward to continuing on her career path as a jewellery designer and touching the lives of many more people along the way.

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