Windows Interactive Application Programming (CSTP 2104)

In this course students gain a strong familiarity with developing applications specifically for the Microsoft Windows Operating System using Universal Windows Platform (UWP) framework and .NET. The core of Windows development environment relies on .NET framework. Students are expected to have good background in programming and have already taken a course in which they have been exposed to C# programming language. The UWP computing platform is introduced and used extensively along with XAML to provide a shared development environment and a consistent feel and look across all Windows devices.

Students also get familiar with using ASP.NET to produce dynamic web applications using Entity Framework. Related technologies are also used such as LINQ for adding querying capabilities.

Students will develop sample Windows/Web applications using the above technologies and platforms, practicing Object-Oriented Programming, and the Model-View-Controller (MVP) model of design and development. Students deploy their ASP.NET applications in the cloud. For some project students may also use Microsoft SQL servers for database services.
Course code: CSTP 2104
Credits: 3.0
Length: 60.0 hours
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CSTP 1302.

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