Hairstylist Foundation 1 (HAIR 1100)

This 17 week course introduces the learner to the fundamentals prepares students for the skills required for future courses. Students will learn how to use and maintain tools, maintain a safe and hygienic environment with awareness of health and safety standards and regulations. In addition, students will learn service preparation and hair and scalp services. Learners will be introduced to the foundation of hair cutting techniques with a variety of cutting tools, styling techniques,dry finishing. Students will be introduced to the fundamental principles of colouring hair, permanent waving, how to assess client needs, analyze face shapes, recommend services, time lines and pricing and how to recognize possible diseases and disorders. Students will also be introduced to industry expectations around professionalism and will learn how to demonstrate professional behavior and communication skills with clients and coworkers.
Course code: HAIR 1100
Credits: 17.0
Length: 425.0 hours
Course outline: view

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