Communications for Health Care Assistants 4 (HRCA 2261)

Students continue to receive professional communication skills instruction as they build on the skills developed in HRCA 1200. Professional communication skills are refined and applied in conjunction with topics in the Health Care Assistant Term 4 curriculum through real-world communication tasks relevant to the healthcare setting, including clinical. Students' professional communication skills continue to be enhanced in class and in clinical while providing care for extended care clients in a complex care setting. Students also continue to develop their intercultural competence to support success in their studies and in the workplace in a Canadian setting. Upon completion of HRCA 1300, students have the communication skills to provide personal care for clients in a complex care setting and to interact professionally and appropriately with clients and health team members.
Course code: HRCA 2261
Credits: 2.0
Length: 40.0 hours
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HRCA 1161, HRCA 1261, HRCA 2161.

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