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ILAC University Pathway to VCC

If you do not meet VCC's English admissions requirements, you may study at VCC's ESL Pathway program, or at VCC's partner language schools (ILAC or ILSC) to meet VCC's requirements. 


ILAC's Contact Information

Send a message from ILAC's website to request more information.


VCC Programs Eligible for Conditional Admission from ILAC

Applicants can apply for conditional admission for the following programs if applying to VCC with the enrolment letters from ILAC and meet all other admission requirements. Pathway Certificates are valid for 2 years and must be valid on the requested VCC program start dates. Conditionally admitted students must complete the required University Pathway levels and submit the certificates by the deadlines stated in the Conditional Letter of Acceptance (CLOA). Conditionally admitted students submitting proof of English other than the stated conditions on the CLOA may not be accepted.

Program NameILAC Level
Accounting Diploma PW 3.3
Administrative Professional Certificate PW 3.2
Associate of Science (Computer Science Pathway) PW 3.3
Automotive Collision and Refinishing Diploma PW 2.2
Automotive Service Technology Diploma PW 3.1
Bachelor of Hospitality Management PW 3.3
Baking and Pastry Arts Certificates PW 2.2
Business and Project Management Post-Degree Diploma PW 3.3
Business Management Post-Degree Diploma PW 3.3
CAD & BIM Technicians Diploma PW 3.2
Computer Systems Technology Diploma PW 3.2
Cosmetology Diploma PW 2.2
Culinary Arts Diploma PW 2.2
Electronics Repair Technology Diploma PW 3.1
Esthetics and Spa Therapy Certificate PW 2.2
Hairstylist Certificate PW 2.2
Hospitality Management Diploma PW 3.2
Hospitality Management Post-Degree Diploma PW 3.3
Legal Administrative Assistant Certificate PW 3.2
Marketing Technology Diploma PW 3.3
Medical Office Assistant Certificate PW 3.2
Network Security Advanced Certificate PW 3.3
Network Technology, Administration and Security Post-Degree Diploma PW 3.3
Optician Diploma PW 3.3
University Transfer Certificates PW 3.3
VR/AR Design and Development Diploma PW 3.3


VCC Programs NOT Eligible for Conditional Admission from ILAC

Applicants must complete the required levels and meet all other academic requirements before applying to VCC. No conditional admission is available for the following programs. Pathway Certificates are valid for 2 years and must be valid on the requested VCC program start dates.

Program NameILAC Level
Bachelor of Applied Music PW 3.3
Dance Diploma PW 2.2
Dental Technology Sciences Diploma PW 3.3
Early Childhood Care and Education Diploma PW 3.3
Fashion Design and Production Diploma PW 3.2
Graphic Design Diploma PW 3.2
Jewellery Art and Design Diploma PW 3.2
Music Diploma PW 3.3