VCC International

VCC ESL Pathway Courses

If you do not meet VCC's English admissions requirements, you may study at VCC's ESL Pathway program, or at VCC's partner language schools (ILAC or ILSC) to meet VCC's requirements. 



Applicants may use Duolingo English Test results to meet VCC's English language requirements for the following ESL/EAL pathway courses.

Course CodeCourse NameDuolingo
ELSK 0915 ESL Listening & Speaking 9 115-120 (min. 115 in both Conversation and Literacy)
ELSK 0920 ESL Reading & Writing 9 115-120 (min. 115 in both Conversation and Literacy)
ELSK 0925 EAL Pathway to University Transfer English 115-120 (min. 115 in both Conversation and Literacy)
ELSK 0815 ESL Listening & Speaking 8 105-110 in Conversation
ELSK 0820 ESL Reading & Writing 8 105-110 in Literacy
ELSK 0715 ESL Listening & Speaking 7 95-100 in Conversation
ELSK 0720 ESL Reading & Writing 7 95-100 in Literacy
ELSK 0615 ESL Listening & Speaking 6 75-90 in Conversation
ELSK 0620 ESL Reading & Writing 6 75-90 in Literacy
ELSK 0515 ESL Listening & Speaking 5 55-70 in Conversation
ELSK 0520 ESL Reading & Writing 5 55-70 in Literacy


Register in VCC ESL Pathway Courses

Program seats are reserved for domestic students. Any remaining seats may be made available to international students after the domestic student registration finishes, typically a couple of weeks before classes begin. Due to the limitation of international seats, only applicants with a valid study permit may apply. Conditional admission is not available.


Meeting VCC's Academic Program English Requirements

Upon completion of VCC English courses with a minimum grade, students may meet the English language requirements. For more details, check the VCC ESL or English courses list. Conditional admission to VCC Academic Programs is not available.

Questions? Ready to apply? Contact study@vcc.ca for more details.